Dear TPM Members Past, Present and Future!

Hope this finds you well. We wanted to send out an update on some items that will change how our processes work (for the better) in the coming weeks…



We will soon (1st  October or before) be shifting to a brand new subscriptions system, which will offer much better subscriptions tracking and a ton of systems options we’ve been wanting for a long time, including:













We currently offer 11 plans. This may seem like a lot, but when it’s broken down, it consists of 5 core plans and 6 double-watch or premium plans, all between $149 and $1599. To filter out any hint of confusion, we offer the “Plan Finder” system. Just answer a few key questions about your desired collection style, frequency, budget and experience, and our system will show you the ideal 1-2 plans, matched just to you or, if Mystery boxes aren’t your thing, you’ll be recommend our micr-brand focused store. Very simple.



Using that system of course means we can offer any number of plans, but historically our entry plan has been “Nato” at $149. We now extend that price down and offer the brand new “TPM Access” plan which is the entryway to the TPM experience, from just $89. This plan will largely consist of established Brands such as Seiko, Citizen, Nautica, G-Shock, Timex and is the perfect plan for new collectors and those looking to learn about horology from great pieces at amazing prices, while experiencing all the joy of a mystery experience.

There will be no fake/mushroom Brands on this plan and it therefore represents a new entry point to the Mystery experience.


The ”TPM Access” plan will launch on November 1st and you can pre-register your interest here. Spots will be strictly limited as we will class this a Beta Launch for supply chain testing purposes.





We always only offered monthly or quarterly options. NOW, you can also choose a 6-monthly option (e.g. two-deliveries annually) on any plan in our range.

Our plans will now also be tiered within each plan, so those who opt for monthly vs. quarterly vs. bi-annually, save even more per subscription! As an example, you can now get a Sapphire Plan as low as $569 monthly, $589 quarterly or $599 bi-annually! As an example, that will get you an Ocean Crawler or Gruppo Gamma which retails at $950-1000 or even an Alpina Alpiner 4 at $1495!


This tiered approach will be applied to every plan we offer, so the more frequently you sub, the more you’ll save! Stay tuned for all details on each plan!





⚡️NATO$129 per month, $139 per quarter, $149 per six-monthly (Bundle for $9.99)

⚡️⚡️CROWN$209 per month, $229 per quarter, $239 per six-monthly (Bundle for $19.99)

⚡️⚡️⚡️BEZEL$329 per month, $349 per quarter, $369 per six-monthly (Bundle for $24.99)

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️CRYSTAL$449 per month, $469 per quarter, $499 per six-monthly (Bundle for $29.99)

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️SAPPHIRE$569 per month, $589 per quarter, $599 per six-monthly (Bundle for $39.99)

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️TOURBILLON$1049 per month, $1099 per quarter, $1199 per bi-annual (Bundle for $49.99)



As per the pricing above, bundles are changing slightly, with the introduction of the new tiering system and plans.

In our surveys we had a number of members express they didn’t always need more bundled items. So the bundles option will become an “opt-in” component of all the plans, with the launch of the new system in October. When you add a plan, you can choose the bundle add-on. Each bundle is worth approx 3-5x the price of the bundle, so savings are huge, but it’s a simple click-button choice now as you add a plan, and you can always opt out, or in, to bundles in the future. We believe this offer maximum flexibility for our members to tailor their plans in the ways that suit their collection styles best.



We always did offer gifting options (e.g. so you can let your partners or family members know a membership is what you want for your birthday, or special occasion!), but that option was always hidden away in a different area of our site… No longer! We’ve re-sequenced the plan setup within our new system so that with a simple click of a button, you or your gift-giving loved one, can mark the sub as a gift; totally seamless and click-button-simple as it should be 🙂



As you may know, we recently had to shut our shipping team down for 10 days due to COVID protocols. Silver linings and all that, but this time gave us valuable space to analyze our logistics and shipping procedures, which have been our biggest weakness to this point and something we are committed to improving.

First, it’s important to be aware that global logistics have become more and more challenging in the wake of COVID-19. Believe it or not, right now as I write this, they are less reliable, slower, more prone to interruptions and incredibly tardy in customs, than at any point in the past 18 months. You can see expressions of this across just about every industry, from the restaurant industry, housing industry, to Fedex’s status updates on their very own site.

Check out this article by Forbes for more information – READ ARTICLE

Sure, this is due in part to COVID, but also elements like higher-than-ever e-Commerce orders globally, production delays at watch factories, weather events and so on. We have polled our members regularly in an attempt to always strive to improve across the board, and while many members are getting watches shipped within a few days (we’re currently shipping most sub plans up to the 3rd-10th September renewals), unfortunately we are seeing others waiting longer than we (or they) would ultimately like. This, we have identified, is a result of a combination of 5 factors


    – Delays in shipping, distribution networks, customs (huge), all of which are sadly outside of our control. These have become more prevalent and with longer delays than previously experienced.

    • CASE STUDY 1 – A large shipment of Crown/Bezel and Sapphire subs and store purchases from a manufacturer in Singapore is currently processing customs. Previously, this size of shipment left their facility, were customs-processed in Alaska, and reached our offices within 4-5 days total, max, consistently, via DHL Express. Nowadays, we experience the following, regularly… this shipment left the manufacturer 3 weeks ago, travelled to Germany from Singapore, then to the UK, and has been in customs “processing” for 8 days. By the time we receive it for processing it will easily have been 4 weeks from shipment to receipt (and this is via what “should be” the fastest global service). When these watches have been mapped to members, you can imagine the knock-on delay this causes.



    – Our fantastic mystery watch facility that members get to use to control a selection of watches they may receive this month. Great facility, but often we are moving order schedules around or having to order individual pieces from select Brands, or bulking those single unit orders in with others. It has meant Member’s Choice members often experience MUCH longer ship times than Mystery members. That is something we’re looking at currently.



    – We ship throughout the month at non-designated times (e.g. shipping multiple days each week instead of at pre-selected windows). With a pretty small team instead of a distribution company (e.g. due to the hand-wrapped, hand-curated nature of what we do), this is tricky with deliveries arriving in such a haphazard manner.



    – Watches and planned accessories often do not arrive on a reliable schedule due to the above factors. In some cases we have been waiting for accessories for 6-weeks longer than originally anticipated and (good for members as it may be) our team is often heavy handed in adding extra accessories to boxes lol, so we have sometimes run out while waiting 😱🤦‍♂️.



    – Some of the watches in our portfolio are on pre-sale, or custom order (e.g. hand-finished per batch), or simply expected much sooner than they end up being. Delays in production due to COVID, materials availability/cost, shipping/logistics and so on, can conspire to greatly delay availability for many of our manufacturers, both micro brands and established Swiss Brands (see example below).

    • CASE STUDY 2 – A large batch of Sapphire & Bezel watches ordered in April were due in May. Production slipped way back to the point where they were delayed almost 2 months coming out of the factory, compared to what they originally expected. This meant a re-sourcing of appropriate watches from other manufacturers.

    • CASE STUDY 3 – In addition, Quality Control processes have subsequently been an issue, for many microbrands as they have an excellent standard. I was speaking with one of the larger Microbrands in the last few weeks and they were bemoaning these frustrating delays that impacted their own launches and deliverability and asking whether we knew if other Brands were experiencing similar issues (they are btw). They had to TWICE send back hundreds of watches to be refinished due to issues with dial consistency, while performing their own QC on the products. Ultimately, what happens is, the factory does QC, the microbrand does QC, and then WE do QC before shipping. The goal is that everything ships out perfect as a result of this triple-QC approach, but of course this can be a laborsome process and one that is prone to hiccups.


In view of these mounting challenges we are facing, we will be trialing the introduction of a new shipping schedule with 2-monthly windows for shipping, so that members always know what they should expect. This should chunk our distribution down, and allow the team to better plan from the order process with each Brand, through to shipment-in, QC, and distribution-out. It won’t fix the global logistics delays which are beyond our control, but it trustfully will improve batch shipping for us and get members tracking sooner. Please understand almost all of the issues with shipping delays have been one or multiple factors detailed above. We WANT to get your watches out faster, and this new method will hopefully achieve this.

As a beta test in September we will be operating 2 shipping windows, as follows:

  • Window 1 – 10th-13th of the month

  • Window 2 – 28th-30th of the month


This is a trial, so please bear with us, there may very well be hiccups as with all trials, but our ultimate goal is long-term improvements and refinements. The support team has been absolutely slammed with “where is my order questions” through our COVID-induced shut down and as we work through the backlog created by that, please be patient (we know, it’s HARD with watches, we feel you!) and allow our team the time to process incoming orders, accessories, and hand-package everything for outgoing distribution, in the sequence they arrived; your watch WILL arrive and it WILL be amazing.



Celebration. Gifts on the floor

Please also bear in mind that, with ALL shipments, both store and subscription, given the world-beating deals we offer (fact 🙂), the nature of our pre-order and custom bundle configuration, and the fact that much of what we do is hand-curated, hand-wrapped bundles, please note we run in general on a 28-day average shipping schedule.

This can extend longer, or equally can be as little as 3-7 days if items are already in stock at our offices, depending on the above factors. If your shipment is approaching 45 days or longer, please reach out as this can sometimes be a system issue (one that the new systems will eradicate!), otherwise, it is in schedule and will be processed, bundled, wrapped and shipped in due course and you will be notified as soon as it ships via email. Please do not block up our support team if the shipment is not outside a 45 day window. If this isn’t agreeable to you, we totally understand.


We firmly believe these pivots to our process will greatly refine the experience of Timepiece Monthly for all members across the board and allow more people to get amazing watches in their hands and on their wrists, in more enjoyable, experiential ways than ever before experienced in this community.

Thanks for being the greatest part of TPM; the community!



What’s New at Timepiece Monthly? Summer 2021 Update!

What’s New at Timepiece Monthly? Summer 2021 Update!

Summer is in full swing and at Timepiece Monthly we are taking no prisoners with our approach to refining the best, most experiential mystery watch club offering on the planet.

We wanted to offer a quick insight into the latest refinements that have launched in the last few weeks (and those that are coming).

First, our Mystery Box Bundle Plans have expanded from 3 to… 11. Yes ELEVEN.


As you may be aware, for the majority of the past 12 months we have operated with a 3-plan roster. While we briefly introduced 2 new plans (Nato at $149 and Crystal at $479) in Summer 2020, we found these plans to be confusing for members (too much choice, based on feedback at the time) and somewhat difficult to provide new and exciting watches for on a consistent basis, at that time. So we reverted in August 2020 to our mainstay plans, Crown ($229), Bezel ($349) and Sapphire ($599), which were by far our most popular offerings. In addition, with the introduction of our accessory bundles in January 2021 we had to move the price of each of those up by $10, $20 and $30 respectively.

The great news is that as of July 2021, as we continue negotiating better deals for our members with our Brand partners, we have been able to drop the prices of those plans back down to their original prices (which did not come with bundled accessories, originally, either, but now do), so the value is even greater than ever before.

In addition, we have reintroduced Nato and Crystal Plans which sit beautifully in between the others, so our mystery watch plans now are:

NATO ($149)

CROWN ($229)

BEZEL ($349)

CRYSTAL ($479)



This creates an even higher value at the entry level Nato Plan and allows members to better select the watch plans that suit their current collecting experience and budget, best.


Now, you may be asking, “I thought you said there were 11 plans!? That’s 6!?”

And you would be correct. In our constant research of our membership and those in our 10,000 strong community, we discovered a few “desires” that became frequent requests. First was that we should have more plans, and the second was that members would welcome MULTI-WATCH plans!! This, as you’ll be aware, is another in a long line of features that no other watch club on the planet has even attempted… and we LOVE doing the things that others cannot or won’t, for our members. So, with that in mind, we have introduced the following “MAXI BUNDLE” plans for you, with EVEN MORE SAVINGS… (also make sure to read on below the plan details, for our new “Plan Finder”)


NATO / CROWN MAXI BUNDLE ($349) – Save an extra $39

1 x Nato Level Watch

1 x Crown Level Watch

2-3 Bundled Accessories

MSRP $525+

Hand-curated bundle

Matched to your style profile

Only genuine Brands




CROWN / BEZEL MAXI BUNDLE ($539) – Save an extra $39

1 x Crown Level Watch

1 x Bezel Level Watch

3-4 Bundled Accessories

MSRP $799+

Hand-curated bundle

Matched to your style profile

Only genuine Brands




BEZEL / CRYSTAL MAXI BUNDLE ($779) – Save an extra $49

1 x Crystal Level Watch

1 x Bezel Level Watch

4-5 Bundled Accessories

MSRP $1098+

Hand-curated bundle

Matched to your style profile

Only genuine Brands




BEZEL / SAPPHIRE MAXI BUNDLE ($879) – Save an extra $69

1 x Sapphire Level Watch

1 x Bezel Level Watch

4-5 Bundled Accessories

MSRP $1300+

Hand-curated bundle

Matched to your style profile

Only genuine Brands




SAPPHIRE / TOURBILLON MAXI BUNDLE ($1499) – Save an extra $199!

1 x Sapphire Level Watch

1 x Tourbillon Level Watch

5-6 Bundled Accessories

MSRP $2000+

Hand-curated bundle

Matched to your style profile

Only genuine Brands




Now here’s the kicker… we fully recognize that when 5 plans confused some members upon introduction in 2020, that 11 may totally blow your minds lol… so,  in the interests of making everything seamlessly intuitive and for you to easily find the absolute best plan for you, based on how you’d like to collect watches right now, we create our unique TPM PLAN FINDER!

This brand new, conditional logic process asks a few key questions of you, and presents you with only the plans that meet your unique collection desires, today.

The beauty of this is that now you can use the Plan Finder for your ideal plan, and then get access




Awesome company! I've dealt with numerous subscription companies including watch subscriptions. The people at Timepiece Monthly are unbelievable at what they do. They address every question or concern. I have not been disappointed in their products. Well worth the money. No hesitation in recommending someone to jump on board with them.

Jeffrey Coe


I have been a member of different subscription services. In the past I have been very disappointed in the watch selections that have been sent to me by those clubs. Not so with TPM. They seem to have their fingers on the pulse of watch lovers.

Charles Dirienzo


So for I"ve gotten 4 watches from TPM and have been MORE than happy. I've gotten 2 Ocean Crawler, 1 Delma, and 1 Zodiac. I pay for the higher tiers and for the top dollar I pay out, the products recieved have exceeded expectations.

Masada Sarid Ari


I have had several watches of TPM now and every single one of them has been excellent. They couldn’t have managed my styling any better. I have spoken to Anthony & Alex several times and they are always quick to respond and always helpful, I’ve even asked for opinions on watches they don’t send out and have had excellent reviews off them both... they do know what they are on about!

Rob Nelson


I have been a member of Timepiece Monthly for over a year and in that time I have experienced nothing but outstanding service from them. I am currently recieve monthly and quarterly pieces from their plans and everything has been nothing but superb.

My hat goes off to Alex and Anthony and everyone at TPM for creating a very positive and satisfactory experience across their plans, services and customer service. Keep up the good work.

Derek Watanabe


This service and its owners are nothing short of incredible!!! They bend over backwards to help you and often times go well beyond what one would expect to surprise even the most avid and picky watch enthusiast! I take no pause at excitedly and wholeheartedly recommend this company and invite you to see for yourself what an amazing watch service can do for you! You will not be disappointed I promise you that! They even have a concierge service that gets you the best price on a new luxury piece! But what makes these guys special is their genuine care for you as the customer and in turn the individual relationships they build with their customers! Brilliant!!!

Mark Crowe


Great experience with TPM. Fantastic watches, amazing customer service. I can't say enough good things about them. I've received a Ginault a Zodiac, several Meccaniche Veneziane's and all have been tremendous!

Richard Tarangelo


I have been on a few different monthly watch subscription service companies but I have cancelled all and only use TimePiece Monthly. Absolutely outstanding customer service and the quality of watches I have received have been excellent. The owners, Alex and Anthony, are constantly in communication with the group and are very engaging and are always updating members with exciting new things they have for our subscriptions. They also offer a Concierge service to help members get very high quality watches, like the Omega I purchased, at a good discount off retail pricing. If you’re looking for an exciting watch subscription company this is definitely the one to choose over all others. Keep up the great work guys and keep sending us the high quality name brand watches.

Pete Lahaye


Love this service! Never disappoints and the customer relationships they build are top notch. It’s cool to have direct access to the owner and be able to chat casually about anything! I’ll be subscribing for a long time coming.

Nick Amato


TPM is simply the best watch service you can get. I get their mystery box at the crown level, and the brands are legitimate and exciting, including Alpina, Seiko, Heitis, Sangamon, Nethuns, and so many more! A great blend of established and legitimate microbrands, no factory brands or commissioned pieces here, unlike the others. But it is so much more. The hand-curated boxes with many extras, the freedom wallet to save toward a high end watch, the store with great prices, and of course the concierge service. Mystery services aren't for everyone, and they get that. But if you want a mystery service, you want this one!

Eric Sutton


Even though I started my relationship with Timepiece Monthly as a subscription service now it’s gone on to so much more.

From flash sales, auctions, store and trading platform TPM excels at all they do! Throw in incredible customer service from Alex and Anthony and you have a tremendous company and resource. No better group to be a part of!!

John Denison





We wanted to get an update out to all of you asap, as we’ve been hard at work on new refinements for the community.


We have a BRAND NEW store launching today (4th July). The Store is a lot more expansive than the previous version with new stock, a ton of amazing Mystery watch bundles you won’t have seen before, and is open to all in the community (no need for a specific plan from TPM to use it any longer). Anyone can now get involved with Timepiece Monthly without a monthly commitment and is a feature we decided to pursue after receiving feedback from the community as to what they wanted to see.


Incentives are being restructured as well, so not only do you get the best deals on (predominantly microbrand) watches out there, but we have loyalty rewards for purchases on the following basis, which will replace the previous Freedom Wallet auto-incentives…

Spend $300 get $15 off with coupon SPEND300

Spend $500 or more and get $30 off with coupon SPEND500

Spend $1000 or more and get $70 off with coupon SPEND1000


This means that our Freedom Wallet loyalty rewards are no longer operational, but the savings can be superb with this new streamlined structure. We found the previous wallet incentives were confusing for members and programmatically very difficult to maintain, hence the new streamlined structure above. With launch we’ll be running some testing on the store, so bear with us while we refine performance and any bugs.

You can also use code “FREESHIP” for free shipping on spends over $1000.


Freedom Plan will still be available as a great way to squirrel away watch funds for when the right watch/bundle pops up in our store, but as above, the member incentives have been restructured in a simpler format, so they will no longer automatically apply to Freedom wallet. Freedom plan will re-launch and be available from Weds 7th July 2021.

To checkout using your existing Freedom Wallet funds, simply select the checkbox that states “Pay by Wallet” or “Use Freedom balance”, upon checkout (see below)

You can visit the new store here.


What’s New at Timepiece Monthly? Summer 2021 Update!


At Timepiece Monthly, we pride ourselves on creating an experience for members, and this Summer is going to be filled with improvements and refinements across the board. The first announcement of the Summer is an update and launch of many new plans. In listening to our members’ feedback we’ve set about creating a new menu of Mystery watch plans to speak to their desires. Lower prices, new plan options and multiple-watch bundle plans are now available. What does this all mean!?


Due to a number of requests, we went hard to work on our mystery watch bundle plans. Instead of 3 main plans (Crown, Bezel, Sapphire), we have introduced the following to really speak to the breadth of experience and diversity that members told us they wanted to see… we also adjusted pricing on our original plans to offer even greater value!


✅ NATO – $149 (Bundle MSRP $240+)

✅ CROWN – $229 (Bundle MSRP $325+)

✅ BEZEL – $349 (Bundle MSRP $530+)

✅ CRYSTAL – $479 (Bundle MSRP $675+)

✅ SAPPHIRE – $599 (Bundle MSRP $800+)

✅ TOURBILLON – $1099 (Bundle MSRP $1400+)

Mystery watch Club Plans Timepiece Monthly

Further to this, our feedback from our sample members told us they would like multiple-watch bundles and as always with TPM, you talk, we listen. We are delighted to announce new “MAXI BUNDLES” for your delectation!


⚡️NATO/CROWN MAXI – $349 (Save $215+ off MSRP)

⚡️CROWN/BEZEL MAXI – $539 (Save $315+ off MSRP)

⚡️BEZEL/CRYSTAL MAXI – $779 (Save $425+ off MSRP)

⚡️BEZEL/SAPPHIRE MAXI – $879 (Save $450-750 off MSRP)

⚡️SAPPHIRE/TOURBILLON – $1499 (Save $700-1000 off MSRP)


And another thing…


With the introduction of these new plans, we also wanted to make it even more intuitive for you to be able to choose the ideal plans for you, so we created the Plan Finder, which is a conditional logic process that takes into consideration your ideal collecting pace, style, budget and frequency, before presenting you with tailored plan options, just for you.

You just need to create a free account and then use this link at any time –





We have opened each plan up to 250 more members. ALL Mystery Watch Bundle Plans (Limited to the first 100 to add a plan) can get 20% OFF their first month with TPM using code “MYSTERY20” on checkout.

Find your ideal plan(s) here




The idea of a mystery watch club is a highly polarizing concept, as it seems like a fun time to some and a waste of money to others, and the ironic thing is that both of those camps often love watches equally.

Some people wonder, “Why not just buy specific watches yourself? Surely it’s cheaper?”. Others thrive off the experience and excitement that a Mystery Box creates in their life; that anticipation of not only waiting on a new watch, but not knowing what it is and creating all sorts of potential scenarios for a mind-blowing watch to land, is incredibly enjoyable for those of us who love that feeling.

Well, it’s rarely the case that a Mystery experience is a “waste of money”, bar some key examples in the industry (e.g. mushroom Brands, ultra-cheap watch models). However, if you’re looking for that extra thrill in your life and wonder about the pros and cons of Mystery Watch Subscription services, and particularly that of Timepiece Monthly, then this post is for you! I’ll run through the pros and cons of mystery watch clubs or “watch subscription services” as they’re often known, and what types of people they are “for” and “not for”.

Meccaniche Veneziane Watches at Timepiece Monthly

For those who enjoy them, the majority of that enjoyment stems from the fact that it’s always exciting to receive a new timepiece (like Christmas each delivery); for those who don’t enjoy a watch club, it can feel to them like they may be duped into paying more than what the watch is actually worth, for something they didn’t even get to choose.

At Timepiece Monthly, it was this very frustration with other watch subscription clubs that drove our development of plans and ethos when we started conceptualizing what our mystery watch club would look like and what our principles would be.

When you’re looking for a club to join, it’s always important to do your research and we’d urge you to follow that path, prior to diving in. In the case of mystery watch clubs, what is the “deal”? Is it worth joining? Does it match what you are looking for, right now in terms of the method by which to grow your collection?  How much does it cost? I’ll answer all these questions and more, here on this blog post. But first…




Mystery watch clubs are subscription services designed to send out a new wristwatch to subscribers each month or quarter (most frequently used methods) to help them grow their collection in an exciting way, and importantly, those watches are not hand-picked by the member (e.g. they’re a mystery). Watch clubs are often a good place to start for those new to the watch collecting hobby, especially at a lower investment level (e.g. $100-200 per timepiece), as well as those who value experience and quality, especially in the case of Timepiece Monthly’s watch boxes, which offer a more luxurious experience than any other club in the industry.

Watch clubs often laud a “Style Profile”, where members get to showcase which types of watches they like. Unfortunately, no mystery watch club in the industry even uses this, aside from Timepiece Monthly, which can be a frustration for members of those other clubs. In contrast, at Timepiece Monthly, our single biggest focus out of the gate was to build a functional style profiler which assisted members in their choices and actually helped our team in choosing better watches for individual tastes, to maximize our service.




There are two proposed “issues” with this method of receiving a watch, which many antagonists “against” watch clubs, will raise.

First, with so many brands, styles, sizes, colors, movements and materials used in watches these days, the “miss” rate must be incredibly high, right? Therefore, you must be better to choose your own watch in a store or online, one that you “know” you will love. *There is a very important issue with this logic, as discussed a little later.

Second, a higher-level, luxury investment like a watch is a lot of money to “gamble” on a Mystery Box. Surely it’s better to ‘pick your own’ watches and you’ll probably save more money at the same time too, right?

Those two points make a case for not going the Mystery Watch route, and if those arguments speak strongly to you, then that is all you need to know to make the decision – it’s probably not for you.

However, you may find it worthwhile to read on and gather the “Devil’s Advocate” opposing view, as the aforementioned antagonists who argue against the validity of mystery watch services exclude a number of very important mitigation techniques and counter-mechanisms.



As mentioned briefly above, the first of these mitigation techniques is that no other watch club actually uses a “Style Profiler”, even though a few claim to. At Timepiece Monthly, one of the very first features launched on the site was a custom Style Profiler, which takes into account the attributes and features members specifically want to see in their individual watches, and these selections can be managed and changed with ease, at any time, by the member. The Style Profiler that Timepiece Monthly uses incorporates selections in –

  • Sizes of watches (30mm up to 55mm),
  • Styles of watches (e.g. Dive, dress, chronograph, field, pilot),
  • Colors of watches (dark, light, bright colors),
  • Band materials (e.g. leather, Steel, rubber, cloth) and
  • Factors which a member would consider an absolute “deal-breaker” (e.g. if they loathe gold, bronze, leather, quartz movements and so on).

Timepiece Monthly Style Profiler

Add to this the fact that Timepiece Monthly offers a Style Profile guarantee (again, something no other watch club has been bold enough to do, we are that confident in the quality of our watches, and selections), means that the “risk” is actually very, very low, especially when coupled with the adherence to the “Only genuine Brands”, “Only genuine MSRP” and “Only high quality” principles that the Timepiece Monthly ethos was founded upon.



The second feature that Timepiece Monthly introduced in 2021 is something incredibly unique to and distinct from ANY other mystery watch service, and that is the “Member’s Choice” facility, which has been incredibly well received by members. For members who want a “total” mystery, hand-matched to their aforementioned Style Profile, they need do nothing each delivery, simply wait for the Timepiece Monthly team to hand-match a watch in the current rotation to their profile, hand-wrap, bundle with accessories, and ship out.

However, we recognized that some members, in any (or every) given month may prefer to have an option of a little more control over their mystery watch selection. So, in recognition of this notion, we designed and built a system whereby, for 7 days after every subscription, all members get to log into the Member’s Choice area in their subscriptions dashboard, view a selection of the coming month’s rotation (approx. 30-40 watch models which change each month), and select or “lock in” any watches in that rotation (from 3 choices upward).

Then the Timepiece Monthly team gets to choose one of these selections for the member. So it’s not a “total mystery” but it still provides a degree of surprise and experience for the members, while allowing more control, should they desire it. That is a pretty cool feature, and one that we value, as do our current members.



The other factor, that detractors of mystery watch clubs conveniently choose to ignore, is that watch collecting is a very subjective and emotional experience; this is the very foundation of what TPM was built upon and one that all Mystery Watch clubs speak to by attempting to enhance that excitement, anticipation and experience (the Mystery, in and of itself, increases the palpable excitement and therefore release of happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin, yay!).

For example, how many times have you bought a specific watch in an online store, direct from the manufacturer, or even in person and expected it to be an ‘all-time’ keeper, been incredibly excited to receive it, and then when it arrived… you just didn’t “feel” it? Hard to put your finger on why, it just didn’t ‘gel’ with your wrist, right? Well, welcome to watch collecting! This is the feeling every watch collector has had at one time or another. I still get that feeling, actually more often than not, when new watches land. But that’s also the fun of watch collecting … experiencing new brands, models, and deciding for yourself if they’ll stay.

Mystery Watch Clubs by Timepiece Monthly

If they don’t gel, then you have an amazing opportunity in groups like the TPM Watch Exchange, to trade for another watch, or sell outright, and have a ton of fun doing so (e.g. run an auction!). In fact, it was always the ‘trading’ experience that I personally had most fun with, outside of the excitement of receiving a new watch and unboxing it. That’s why trading became such a central part of the TPM community from day one.

You see, watch collecting isn’t just about ‘getting’ watches. It is (and should be) about the fun involved in engaging with like-minded people in the community, buying/selling/trading watches and waiting for that next watch to land, and the method by which you acquire these watches really doesn’t have to be “one or the other”. In my collecting experience, which spans thousands of watches over the years, I have enjoyed all methods of collecting, very often simultaneously… for example, I’ve got mystery watches one month, while concurrently buying my own in online stores, or from community members, or on auctions, or the local AD’s.

And that’s where TPM comes in, because we have our Mystery Box bundles, members store, concierge service and private community trading group (which is free to join and not predicated on being a member with TPM), so that enthusiasts just like us (and you) can do this and have real fun along the way, utilizing many different methods, starting with the Mystery watch experience, which is quite simply, a great experience.

So really, that argument of Mystery boxes being a “waste of money”, and people should just ‘pick their own watches’, doesn’t quite stack up because it ignores the fact that it’s not a “one or other” choice in terms of the best method of building your collection.

In fact, you’ll see in the case studies below why this notion is incredibly inaccurate, for genuine mystery watch clubs like Timepiece Monthly. In addition, with the use of the Style Profiler and the breadth of Brands and models in our portfolio, the Timepiece Monthly team report very often, that members receive a watch and respond ‘I’d NEVER have picked this for myself, but I love it so much, TPM knocked it out of the park!”. That is the experience that a truly optimized Mystery Watch Club can bring to you, and that’s why Timepiece Monthly built something incredibly unique in the mystery watch realm.



The truth is, as some of you may be aware, that myself (Alex Fleck) and our Co-Founder, Anthony Jones, met as members of a (now) competitor site, Watch Gang. We were monthly members at that club (a membership maintained exclusively to gain access to the trading community), but we grew increasingly disillusioned with the somewhat dubious practice of creating/selling mushroom Brands or models, made up by large Chinese factories, coupled with the establishment of clearly and massively over-inflated MSRP (effectively exerting ‘control’ of the market for a specific model of watch by manufacturing its’ MSRP, not based on material value, but for marketing purposes), with some watches being promoted as “worth $1300-1400”, and on membership for just $300, when in reality, the MSRP was made up to match the marketing tagline, and not the correct way around – e.g. genuine MSRP priced on material cost to the manufacturer, and correctly reported with appropriate markups, would be around $230-300.

So, when we went to build a range of Mystery Box services, the rock solid foundation of our conviction was to firstly only provide genuine brands and brands with genuine MSRP. In TPM you won’t find the company claiming that the watches are worth 5-6 TIMES your monthly membership, as that could simply never be true, if MSRP was to be genuine.

No, TPM don’t claim those kinds of astronomical savings, but we do guarantee genuine savings on genuine Brands and a large added-value bonus of bundled complimentary accessories like straps. I’d love to discuss some case studies below, to explain this concept a little more.


First, on average, the 5 main TPM plans map out like so:

> NATO – Member price $149 – MSRP $249+ – Avg minimum savings $80+, including bundled accessories

> CROWN – Member price $239 – MSRP $349+ – Avg minimum savings $110+, including bundled accessories

> BEZEL – Member price $349 – MSRP $549+ – Avg minimum savings $200+, including bundled accessories

> CRYSTAL – Member price $479 – MSRP $699+ – Avg minimum savings $220+, including bundled accessories

> SAPPHIRE – Member price $599 – MSRP $850+ – Avg minimum savings $250+, including bundled accessories

Examples of the watches we put out in every plan can be found HERE

*If you’re reading this prior to 4th July 2021, please note the Nato and Crystal plans will relaunch as options in that week, along with other mystery bundles including “Maxi” Bundle with more than one watch, should you prefer to collect more rapidly.



Another important myth to dispel is that watch clubs’ watches can be purchased ‘cheaper’ elsewhere. That can very well be the case in the instance of mushroom brand watches like those from companies like Resultco, Dalshire, Nisimov or Montrichard (e.g. larger factory Brands that other watch clubs use), but at Timepiece Monthly we pledged an “only genuine” Brand philosophy at conception that deftly redefines and maximizes the value proposition for members. In fact, due to the process by which we negotiate deals for members we often save members many $100’s over what they could feasibly buy a new model from a well-renowned brand like NTH, Ocean Crawler, or Gruppo Gamma (i.e. genuine microbrands fueled by passion for horology and a commitment to quality).


Take a brand like NTH, for example. They have a strict retail policy which means that their watches are never available anywhere for anything more than a 3-5% off MSRP. Their Tropics watches, as an example, hold an MSRP of $750. This means that the best deal online for these watches from a verified dealer, will ever be, is $712.50. At Timepiece Monthly, these watches go out on the Sapphire Mystery Box Plan, at $599. Even without the bundled accessories which add approx $75 in value to the delivery, the member ultimately saves at least $113.50, or 15% (10-12% more than any retail deal). Add the $75 of bundled accessories and the rate of saving goes up to $188.50 or 27%!

NTH watches at Timepiece Monthly


In actuality, that is an example at the LOWER end of savings in the instance of Timepiece Monthly on the Sapphire Plan. By contrast, let’s now take, for instance, a Gruppo Gamma Divemaster (See them here — )

These watches have a genuine retail value of $950 and also go out on the Timepiece Monthly Sapphire Plan at $599. This amounts to a saving of 37% off MSRP, or $351! Add in the bundled accessories and the saving becomes $426 or 41.5%OFF MSRP!

Gruppo Gamma Watches at Timepiece Monthly




One of the most popular Timepiece Monthly plans is Bezel Plan, sitting at $349 per month or quarter. Two key examples in this plan are watches by Hemel and Heitis, two of the most well-respected and revered microbrands. The Hemel Airfoil and Heitis Okeanos Explorer Bronze (pictured below) both retail at $499, and feature high-end materials like sapphire crystals, ceramic bezels, bronze cases (Heitis) and hand-wound or automatic movements, so alongside bundled accessories the MSRP value of these watches on this plan exceeds $550. That means a saving of $200 over MSRP or almost 37% for watches that also have a strict retail policy for verified dealers (e.g. no discounts more than 5-10%).


Similarly, on Crown Plan ($239), the lowest saving available is on the incredibly popular Speedracer chronograph by Ocean X (pictured below). These watches retail at $279 but offer some of the highest value-propositions of any watch in the lineup with the sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel and incredible steel bracelet at the price point. Including bundled accessories, this plan offers $300 in value for a low monthly/quarterly buy-in of $239, which is a $60 or 20% saving.

Ocean X Watches at Timepiece Monthly

These prices are not only unavailable anywhere online, and are reward for trusting in the Mystery watch experience with a genuine-brand-only offering like Timepiece Monthly, but they would simply not be allowed with any other retailer. This is one of the incredible benefits of the Timepiece Monthly mystery watch club, because the company has amassed the largest collection of genuine brands and models in its’ lineup, of ANY watch club, globally. When you couple genuine brands, genuine MSRP, fantastic watches and a system that mitigates “mystery” risk by matching watches to Style Profiles to watches in the portfolio (and offers both a Style Profile Guarantee AND a system to select a range of watches yourself), and THEN reinforces the excitement of receiving new watches by hand-wrapping and bundling complimentary accessories… well… It just makes sense, for those who value an experience and want to take their watch collection to the next level.



The first thing we set about securing, when we started TPM, was a range of Brands that we would be excited to see and receive in our own hands, at any time. We already had extensive experience trading watches and we always had high standards in terms of which watches we brought in or allowed to stay in our collections. So when we looked for build, movement, design, kit, we already had stellar standards to maintain. Having traded thousands of watches over the years on a personal basis, we found that Microbrands, and other genuine Brands, tended to consistently provide a better balance between unique designs, genuine MSRP, high build quality and attention to detail, as well as one-to-one service.

So when we started Timepiece Monthly, it was very much based upon offering quality watches that we would be delighted to receive ourselves (there’s not a watch model we send out that has not passed through our hands and been approved for our members).

After that foundational realization, we then quickly gravitated towards focusing on two major stakeholders within our platform… The Community, and the Brands. We felt that we could best serve both groups by being the conduit or ‘facilitators’ to their exposure and experience with their passion for horology, regardless of whether they were new to the hobby or experienced like ourselves. For instance, by building a community of like-minded, passionate individuals who are in it to have fun and share a mutual respect for horology, we could engage simultaneously with members & Brands both, by:

  1. bringing enjoyment and experience to the members of our platform by introducing them to new and exciting Brands/models they would not otherwise have come into contact with (e.g. by us doing the ground work in the background in bringing new Brands and models on board, constantly)
  2. bringing exposure and growth to the Brands by introducing them to new members who may never have seen or heard of their Brand otherwise.

At TPM, we do the groundwork with Brands, negotiating great prices for our members and putting a ton of time and effort into growing a bustling, excited community of members who appreciate watches in all their forms and functions. We are welcoming to new Brands and, really importantly, the EXPERIENCE we bring to the table, is second to none in the industry.

That’s why from day one we designed our Mystery Boxes to be hand-wrapped and style-profile-matched to our members individual tastes, also by hand. No other watch club or watch subscription service goes to this length to provide a true experience for their members, rather, you tend to receive a watch in a box, which always disappointed both Anthony and I when we were members of previous watch clubs. Those ‘watches in boxes’ haven’t been matched to your defined preferences, nor have they provided a genuine guarantee to do so.

The next thing we did, just 7 months into our existence, was decide to bundle free accessories with each Mystery watch; again, based on discussions between Anthony and I about the very things WE would love to receive on our doorstep and to once again redefine what Mystery watch clubs could be, and what they could “do”, for members. So now with every delivery we bundle cool accessories like straps, tools, polishing cloths, travel rolls/boxes, watch winders, alongside Branded items from our partner Brands, like T-Shirts, UV lights (for those lovely lume shots), Coasies, caps, mugs, pens and many more.

In fact, the key to our enjoyment in what we do, is always innovating, always introducing new watches, Brands AND accessories every single month, for our members. In making our decisions as to what to bring to our members, we always go with:

  • Would WE love to receive this in a bundle, as passionate watch enthusiasts?

  • Does this offer MASSIVE value for our members?

  • Is it well designed, well built and made with passion by the Brand?

If the answer is “no” to any of those questions, the watch, or the bundled accessories, simply don’t get passed our Quality Control.

Boldr watches at Timepiece Monthly


There are a few criteria that make you the perfect match for a Mystery watch subscription club. First, if you are new to watches and don’t know what’s out there, and want to experience many new styles, Brands and models to help learn and define what you do love, the Mystery box is the absolute best way to start your new passion for horology.

Next, if you enjoy an “experience” and value that high on your list, the experience is second to none, at Timepiece Monthly due to the features mentioned above.

Also, if you have a high disposable income and value quality, you can get involved with luxury Brands, and save even more money with our exclusive high-level plans like Sapphire ($599) and Tourbillon ($1099).

The key is that, with Timepiece Monthly, you have as much (or little) control as you would like through our Style Profiler, which we genuinely use for each member, and our Member’s Choice facility. Bundle that (get it!?), with complimentary accessories like luxury straps, tools, and more, and you have an experience each month… this is largely why members have coined us the “Gold Standard” of Mystery Watch Clubs.

From $149 upward, we have plans for all budgets and tastes, and a system that is robust is tailoring the experience for your preferred choices, at any given moment.

If you have any queries, just let us know, and for now, if you’d like to experience the best (actually, the only) bundles the Mystery Watch Club has to offer, try a plan today.


In case you’re interested to see how the major players in this industry stack up…


Why Would You Choose a “Mystery Box” Watch Service Like Timepiece Monthly?

Why Would You Choose a “Mystery Box” Watch Service Like Timepiece Monthly?

Mystery Watch Club: Maximize Your Investment with a Bundle of Benefits.

The benefits of Mystery watch subscription boxes with our company are numerous, due to the way we built our products and services around the needs of watch enthusiasts.

Why choose a mystery watch club? That’s a question we get all the time. The answer is simple: it’s fun! We have 12 different membership options which are tailored to you, and unique features built exclusively for an optimal experience for you.

Improved Watch Investment

The first benefit is that members get watches at world-best prices, so their investment is maximized from day one. Next, they get additional bundled accessories like straps, tools, polishing cloths and Branded goods to enhance the journey of watch collecting. Then we match watches to members individual Style Profiles, and allow members to lock in their preferred watches each month. We also hand wrap every delivery for a superior experience. These four features, along side using only genuine brands, no other watch club does at all.

In the endeavor to create the “gold Standard” of watch subscription services, we built out a range of features that enhance the experience, designed for people just like us – collectors and enthusiasts of timepieces. We build Timepiece Monthly off the principle of being community-first and Brand-first, helping introduce our members to amazing new Brands they wouldn’t otherwise have heard of, and also taking care of the Brands in this way by increasing their Brand awareness and exposure to our passionate, bustling membership.

Our Unique Watch-Matching Process For Our Mystery Box Club

For the watches themselves, we recognize that a Mystery Box watch club is a potential risk, therefore, we intentionally curate a range of watches from only-genuine Brands, whether independent or established, that offer at least one (often many more) watch from every Brand on our site. This ensures members are exposed to all the brands they could be interested in within the Timepiece Monthly watch club, in a multitude of styles, at all membership levels, and gives them more opportunities for personal customization with their monthly box so that risk is almost entirely mitigated that they may not like the watch they receive. We also offer a 75% Style Profiler match guarantee, a first-timer guarantee and a unique “Member’s Choice” facility where members can lock in a range of watches from that month’s selection, for their box that month. In addition, we also take great care to ensure that each month’s watches have some variety between price points so there is something for everyone regardless of budget constraints or financial goals.

With Brands as superb as Alpina, Gruppo Gamma, Meccaniche Veneziane, Hemel, our subscription offers only genuine brands, unlike all of the other subscription services in the realm..

With memberships, we offer watches in three different price points. The cheapest watches on our site start at $149 and the most expensive watches are no more than $1099. We also have two varying membership durations: with a one-month commitment, we charge an introductory rate of $25 per month; if you choose to sign up for a quarterly or annual plan, there is no initiation fee whatsoever and your monthly payments are lower as well. All members receive their watches every single time they’re due – without fail! If watches need replacement (due to defects), then they will be replaced immediately by us free of any cost; our members rave about our service, especially in comparison to the other clubs in this area.

Why not try out Timepiece Monthly? Plans start at $149 but let us guide you to the ideal plan for you.



What is the Timepiece Monthly Members Store?

What is the Timepiece Monthly Members Store?

What is the TPM Store?

The TPM Store is a unique, members-only store showcasing a wide variety of amazing deals on TPM partner Brand watches, accessories and all things a horology enthusiast will appreciate.

How Do I Get Access to the TPM Store?

As above, this is a members-only store. To gain access there are a range of membership plans available so you can find the one that fits best for you. Due to the deep discounts and TPM exclusives, you must have some form of paid plan to gain access. 

We have 5 Subscription watch plans ranging from $149-599 per month/quarter, as well as “All Access Pass” Annual Plan ($99) and Our Unique “Freedom Plan” (from $49 per month/quarter). All of these plans, while active on your account, grant you access to the members store and amazing deals therein.

What Kind of Products Will be in the TPM Store?

We will have a range of amazing deals from our Brand Partners, including exclusive TPM partnerships/models with Gruppo Gamma, Heitis and Boldr among others. Also amazing deals on pieces from Brands such as Ocean Crawler, Meccaniche Veneziane, Seiko, Zelos and more. And an accessories area where you can purchase stunning items such as straps, watch rolls and wallets from Brands such as Brian Van Way and Hoang Dat. Add to that other essential accessories such as polishing kits, watch boxes and tools, and you have the raddest members-only store for watch enthusiasts, EVER. 

First up will likely be the Gruppo Gamma Vanguard in a unique TPM/Gruppo Dial Configuration (Not available elsewhere). These types of exclusive partnerships have been in the works for some time in the background, but this is the first we’ve announced it 😉.

Remember, you can get a 10% discount on all subs added in July by using code “JUL-TPM” on checkout. This works on card payments, if you prefer Paypal, you can pay the full sub and then email us at

Add a new subscription plan now to get immediate access to the TPM Store when it launches on Tues August 4th!

What is the TPM “Freedom Plan”?

What is the TPM “Freedom Plan”?

QUESTION – What is the “Freedom Plan” and How Does it Differ From Your Subscription Watch Plans?

The Freedom Plan is a concept we’re incredibly proud of and is COMPLETELY unique in the community. The whole idea behind it is to enhance the inclusion for all members and provide ultimate flexibility to effectively create a watch savings fund within our platform, from which members can redeem their balance for a specific watch in our store, or a mystery box at a specific value, at a Time of their choosing.

Our fixed price sub tiers are $199, 349, 549 and while these have been a massive hit with members, and offer phenomenal brackets for the level of watches we provide (saving a great deal from MSRP), this method of watch purchase is simply not for everyone, and we recognize that.

From inception we put in place a plan of action to offer ultimate flexibility for members by creating a plan for all… The Freedom Plan.

This utilizes the concept that we, as avid watch enthusiasts, often either want a very specific watch, or to be surprised, and sometimes both at the same time, haha.

With the Freedom Plan, members can upload funds to their TPM account on a scheduled monthly or quarterly basis, or indeed, whenever they wish… Or, they can use a mix of TPM loaded funds and credit/debit cards, Paypal and a variety of other well known payment systems, to purchase watches in the TPM store.

To add to the fun, for those that do enjoy a surprise, we will have a TON of hand-curated Mystery boxes. These will be along the lines of dress, dive or curious watch in a mystery box from $140 to $800 or so.

What Does a “Mystery Box” Include?

Well, it’s a surprise 😃. However, these hand-curated packages will include a range of amazing timepieces, custom straps, polishing kits, wallets and other amazing items and the TPM Mystery boxes are designed to hit the perfect balance of value, quality and delight.


When Does Freedom Plan Launch?

By its’ nature, our Freedom Plan relies on the Store to exist. Therefore, we will be launching the Freedom Plan alongside our TPM store on the website in early July 2020, in addition to some other key features such as our referral/affiliate program. Our developers are hard at work and close to completion on this beautiful addition for our members. We are so excited to welcome these new additions and hope you are too 🙂