Ocean Crawlers as Low as $449? Read on…

Ocean Crawlers as Low as $449? Read on…

GOOD News! We have relaunched the mystery plans from as low as $69.99. This means members can now get watches like Ocean Crawlers, Alpina, Gruppo Gamma for as low as $449.65… Read on.

If you’ve experienced our mystery box watches before, you know a few key points that no other watch club offers >

✅ Only genuine brands (no popup/mushroom or made-for-us models)

✅ Genuine savings (avg 50% off MSRP)

✅ Member-centric focus

✅ Exclusive models not available elsewhere

✅ Always new models/brands

Max value


What you may not be aware of is that we (fairly silently) relaunched our mystery watch plans last week and they now work this way

ALL Plans are now quarterly ONLY in terms of shipment. This is what members wanted. Watches on quarterly payment (as low as $69.99) then ship after 3 x installments. Plans are now available also as one-time (or “One-Shot” as we call them), should you wish to test it out for a low price and make sure we deliver on all that is promised. Here are the new plans…

CROWN ($199 per quarter or $69.99 per month)

Lowest ever price (matching our Alpha price from 2020!)

Watches like those attached in the images below.


BEZEL ($299 per quarter or $99.99 per month) 

Lowest EVER price, period (even better than our Alpha plans!)

Watches like those attached in the image below…

SAPPHIRE ($529 per quarter or $179.99 per month)

Lowest EVER price, period (even better than our Alpha plans!)



SHIPPING, logistics and distribution. It’s been very very difficult throughout late 2021 and into 2022. It is improving bit by bit, seemingly, with more watch stock becoming available, produced and shipped. There are still delays in global logistics and customs however. We have experimented with a range of different options but have found the single ship window to work best. Therefore, moving forward our shipping window will become 1st through 5th of every month. No exceptions to this. This is a concerted effort to streamline operations as we got too busy with store orders flowing in from all over the globe and, frankly, with supply chain issues in full flow, our team could not keep up with the barrage of issues. We are now 95% through the backlog of orders and, with a new vision with the launch of the TPM Platform, we’re ready to get back to normal for our members-only.


Do note, the prices above are quite superb (as you can see), BUT you can get extra special discounts if you’re a paid member of the TPM platform. For example, a VIP member ($9.99 per month or $99 per year) gets 10% OFF the prices you see above. A VIP ELITE member ($19.99 per month or $199 per year) gets 15% OFF the prices you see above, along with anything in store!!

This is really incredible, but it’s a genuine effort from us to improve, add value and continue to become what we always committed to, a community-first experience.

As a quick math example, if you join VIP ELITE today at $19.99 per month, you can add a SAPPHIRE plan (e.g. Ocean Crawlers, Gruppo Gamma etc) for $529 – 15% = $449.65

Add to that, you get 15% OFF EVERY PURCHASE in store and quarterly watch swag worth $80 or so (e.g. branded straps, mugs, tools etc from your favorite Microbrands!) and… the VALUE is just incredible.

The choice is totally yours. You can join the platform from free, but if you’d like those amazing discounts, just upgrade into the paid plan of your choosing and avail of the discount. There are a range of other perks you can see here also, including the various discounts, access levels, and watch swag.




As many of you will know, we’ve been hard at work on the new TPM Platform for the last number of months. As we approach the launch of the new platform in mid February 2022, we wanted to get you the latest information on what it will feature, what it fixes and what it means, specifically for the TPM Watch Exchange trading group on Facebook where all trading has been hosted since late 2020, as well as the Store.

Please read on for very important information on Membership Levels, Pricing, Impact on Trading Groups and Member Features…

…Firstly, the platform will feature a range of areas exclusively for our members, including:


  • CUSTOM WATCH TRADING PLATFORM – Buy/Sell/Trade, filter & search functions

  • AUCTIONS – We will run numerous auctions on the site and members too can list timepieces for auction

  • FORUMS – Watch discussion forums where members can create new topic threads, engage with others within the community and get access to our latest deals/coupons and TPM exclusives

  • CONTENT – Exclusive watch reviews, unboxings, tutorials and deep-dives

  • MEMBERS STORE – The Store will move back to being for members only to improve service and logistics



We’ll have a range of membership options available from $FREE to get access to various areas of the platform, and also for member-exclusive perks and unique discount codes.

  1. FREE MEMBERSHIP – $FREE – Grants access to the store, content, trading platform (buy only) and forums.

  2. CHOICE MEMBERSHIP – $4.99 per month / $49 per year – Grants access to all in FREE, plus access to listing in the Trading platform (i.e. sell & buy vs. buy only), auctions (list for small % commission) and a lifetime 5% off all products in store, or our mystery watch plans. Avg membership value per year $110+ minimum saving.

  3. VIP MEMBERSHIP $9.99 per month / $99 per year – Grants access to all in PREMIUM plus lifetime 10% discounts of all products in store and mystery watch plans, 24hr early access to exclusives, LE’s, SE’s, pre-sale items and prototypes. Avg value per year $220+ minimum saving.

  4. VIP ELITE MEMBERSHIP – $19.99 per month / $199 per year – Access all areas, 15% lifetime discount off all products in store and mystery plans, FREE quarterly swag shipments (e.g. straps, watch-branded accessories and goods, tools), no-fee auctions, 72hr early access to exclusives, LE’s, SE’s, pre-sale items and prototypes. Avg value per year $700+ minimum saving.



Having experienced a lot of logistics issues over the last 12-18 months we have made the decision to streamline the store significantly and revert it to members only, the former of which which has already been actioned. This will mean all our best-selling brands like Ocean X, Venezianico, Ocean Crawler etc will continue in store consistently, but we will take a different approach with many other Brands by offering a Drop-style sale process, starting in late March 2022.

This means that the Store will operate limited time/number deals for members on specific models for a short period of time (e.g. 1-3 days only), after which they will go away.

Our goal with this is that fan-favorites will be on swifter shipping schedules as a result, and the Drop Ship items will be fulfilled within 14-28 days max by the Brands in question directly, in the understanding that they are superior deals that cannot be got anywhere else.

We’ve been disappointed with our ability to keep up with logistics and this has been greatly impacted by larger volume store sales married with the ongoing supply chain issues that have been experienced in just about every industry, globally. Our goal by streamlining the store is to get a jump on improving these issues and in time trustfully the supply chain bottlenecks will improve.



A number of you will be aware that we had a software breakdown within the Freedom Wallet in Summer 2021, whereby wallet funds were logging in the main site, but not relaying over to the Store. This occurred a number of months after we launched the new store and was identified in Fall 2021. We’ve worked at fixing the relay but due to changes in theb software capabilities it is not patchable unfortunately, so we pulled the Freedom Plan some months ago.

The Freedom Plan/Wallet however will relaunch on the Store in late Feb 2022, thus removing the need for relay between main site and new Store site and thereby fixing the issue. As of that time, you will be able to re-subscribe to Freedom Plan and continue to use the funds as you used to. Current member wallets will not be affected.



This will not impact existing members at all. If you already are one of the 3000+ members registered on the Timepiece Monthly website or Store, your account will automatically become a FREE membership account where you can access the Store, Forums, Trading Platform (Buy) and member-exclusive content (e.g. Watch unboxings, reviews, deep dives, Brand interviews etc). You can choose to upgrade to any of the premium plans starting with a 7-day free trial to access those member perks, at any time within your dashboard, but there is no obligation to do so.


As of launch day for the TPM Trading Platform, all trading will cease on the dedicated Facebook Groups including TPM Watch Exchange, TPM UK & EU Watch Exchange, TPM Canada Watch Exchange and TPM Oceania Watch Exchange. We appreciate this will come as a big change for members, but as the group has grown we have discovered many issues with using Facebook as a trading group, not least being poor visibility of sales posts for our members, lack of ability to filter for watches you may desire and a cumbersome membership platform that is very limited in scope. Our custom platform is something we have invested heavily in to reduce the member frustration we have seen experienced by members of the Facebook Trading Groups. This launch creates a totally watch-centric list of functions and features that speak to watch enthusiasts, traders. It will continue to refine after launch.

The platform will offer a greater User Experience and allow members to engage in ways that best suit them (e.g. if you don’t enjoy selling watches, a FREE membership is perfect, whereas if you’re all about auctions and swag, the VIP ELITE membership is going to save you a ton of money each year in your watch collecting journey).


We hope that these new memberships and systems once again improve the member experience with TPM, making our platform a true community-first membership platform, and the streamlining of many of the systems will offer much greater stability and User Interface across the TPM platform, than ever before. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on our Messenger system on the website and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Keep in touch as we approach launch of the platform a little later in February 2022



Dear TPM Members Past, Present and Future!

Hope this finds you well. We wanted to send out an update on some items that will change how our processes work (for the better) in the coming weeks…



We will soon (1st  October or before) be shifting to a brand new subscriptions system, which will offer much better subscriptions tracking and a ton of systems options we’ve been wanting for a long time, including:













We currently offer 11 plans. This may seem like a lot, but when it’s broken down, it consists of 5 core plans and 6 double-watch or premium plans, all between $149 and $1599. To filter out any hint of confusion, we offer the “Plan Finder” system. Just answer a few key questions about your desired collection style, frequency, budget and experience, and our system will show you the ideal 1-2 plans, matched just to you or, if Mystery boxes aren’t your thing, you’ll be recommend our micr-brand focused store. Very simple.



Using that system of course means we can offer any number of plans, but historically our entry plan has been “Nato” at $149. We now extend that price down and offer the brand new “TPM Access” plan which is the entryway to the TPM experience, from just $89. This plan will largely consist of established Brands such as Seiko, Citizen, Nautica, G-Shock, Timex and is the perfect plan for new collectors and those looking to learn about horology from great pieces at amazing prices, while experiencing all the joy of a mystery experience.

There will be no fake/mushroom Brands on this plan and it therefore represents a new entry point to the Mystery experience.


The ”TPM Access” plan will launch on November 1st and you can pre-register your interest here. Spots will be strictly limited as we will class this a Beta Launch for supply chain testing purposes.





We always only offered monthly or quarterly options. NOW, you can also choose a 6-monthly option (e.g. two-deliveries annually) on any plan in our range.

Our plans will now also be tiered within each plan, so those who opt for monthly vs. quarterly vs. bi-annually, save even more per subscription! As an example, you can now get a Sapphire Plan as low as $569 monthly, $589 quarterly or $599 bi-annually! As an example, that will get you an Ocean Crawler or Gruppo Gamma which retails at $950-1000 or even an Alpina Alpiner 4 at $1495!


This tiered approach will be applied to every plan we offer, so the more frequently you sub, the more you’ll save! Stay tuned for all details on each plan!





⚡️NATO$129 per month, $139 per quarter, $149 per six-monthly (Bundle for $9.99)

⚡️⚡️CROWN$209 per month, $229 per quarter, $239 per six-monthly (Bundle for $19.99)

⚡️⚡️⚡️BEZEL$329 per month, $349 per quarter, $369 per six-monthly (Bundle for $24.99)

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️CRYSTAL$449 per month, $469 per quarter, $499 per six-monthly (Bundle for $29.99)

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️SAPPHIRE$569 per month, $589 per quarter, $599 per six-monthly (Bundle for $39.99)

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️TOURBILLON$1049 per month, $1099 per quarter, $1199 per bi-annual (Bundle for $49.99)



As per the pricing above, bundles are changing slightly, with the introduction of the new tiering system and plans.

In our surveys we had a number of members express they didn’t always need more bundled items. So the bundles option will become an “opt-in” component of all the plans, with the launch of the new system in October. When you add a plan, you can choose the bundle add-on. Each bundle is worth approx 3-5x the price of the bundle, so savings are huge, but it’s a simple click-button choice now as you add a plan, and you can always opt out, or in, to bundles in the future. We believe this offer maximum flexibility for our members to tailor their plans in the ways that suit their collection styles best.



We always did offer gifting options (e.g. so you can let your partners or family members know a membership is what you want for your birthday, or special occasion!), but that option was always hidden away in a different area of our site… No longer! We’ve re-sequenced the plan setup within our new system so that with a simple click of a button, you or your gift-giving loved one, can mark the sub as a gift; totally seamless and click-button-simple as it should be 🙂



As you may know, we recently had to shut our shipping team down for 10 days due to COVID protocols. Silver linings and all that, but this time gave us valuable space to analyze our logistics and shipping procedures, which have been our biggest weakness to this point and something we are committed to improving.

First, it’s important to be aware that global logistics have become more and more challenging in the wake of COVID-19. Believe it or not, right now as I write this, they are less reliable, slower, more prone to interruptions and incredibly tardy in customs, than at any point in the past 18 months. You can see expressions of this across just about every industry, from the restaurant industry, housing industry, to Fedex’s status updates on their very own site.

Check out this article by Forbes for more information – READ ARTICLE

Sure, this is due in part to COVID, but also elements like higher-than-ever e-Commerce orders globally, production delays at watch factories, weather events and so on. We have polled our members regularly in an attempt to always strive to improve across the board, and while many members are getting watches shipped within a few days (we’re currently shipping most sub plans up to the 3rd-10th September renewals), unfortunately we are seeing others waiting longer than we (or they) would ultimately like. This, we have identified, is a result of a combination of 5 factors


    – Delays in shipping, distribution networks, customs (huge), all of which are sadly outside of our control. These have become more prevalent and with longer delays than previously experienced.

    • CASE STUDY 1 – A large shipment of Crown/Bezel and Sapphire subs and store purchases from a manufacturer in Singapore is currently processing customs. Previously, this size of shipment left their facility, were customs-processed in Alaska, and reached our offices within 4-5 days total, max, consistently, via DHL Express. Nowadays, we experience the following, regularly… this shipment left the manufacturer 3 weeks ago, travelled to Germany from Singapore, then to the UK, and has been in customs “processing” for 8 days. By the time we receive it for processing it will easily have been 4 weeks from shipment to receipt (and this is via what “should be” the fastest global service). When these watches have been mapped to members, you can imagine the knock-on delay this causes.



    – Our fantastic mystery watch facility that members get to use to control a selection of watches they may receive this month. Great facility, but often we are moving order schedules around or having to order individual pieces from select Brands, or bulking those single unit orders in with others. It has meant Member’s Choice members often experience MUCH longer ship times than Mystery members. That is something we’re looking at currently.



    – We ship throughout the month at non-designated times (e.g. shipping multiple days each week instead of at pre-selected windows). With a pretty small team instead of a distribution company (e.g. due to the hand-wrapped, hand-curated nature of what we do), this is tricky with deliveries arriving in such a haphazard manner.



    – Watches and planned accessories often do not arrive on a reliable schedule due to the above factors. In some cases we have been waiting for accessories for 6-weeks longer than originally anticipated and (good for members as it may be) our team is often heavy handed in adding extra accessories to boxes lol, so we have sometimes run out while waiting 😱🤦‍♂️.



    – Some of the watches in our portfolio are on pre-sale, or custom order (e.g. hand-finished per batch), or simply expected much sooner than they end up being. Delays in production due to COVID, materials availability/cost, shipping/logistics and so on, can conspire to greatly delay availability for many of our manufacturers, both micro brands and established Swiss Brands (see example below).

    • CASE STUDY 2 – A large batch of Sapphire & Bezel watches ordered in April were due in May. Production slipped way back to the point where they were delayed almost 2 months coming out of the factory, compared to what they originally expected. This meant a re-sourcing of appropriate watches from other manufacturers.

    • CASE STUDY 3 – In addition, Quality Control processes have subsequently been an issue, for many microbrands as they have an excellent standard. I was speaking with one of the larger Microbrands in the last few weeks and they were bemoaning these frustrating delays that impacted their own launches and deliverability and asking whether we knew if other Brands were experiencing similar issues (they are btw). They had to TWICE send back hundreds of watches to be refinished due to issues with dial consistency, while performing their own QC on the products. Ultimately, what happens is, the factory does QC, the microbrand does QC, and then WE do QC before shipping. The goal is that everything ships out perfect as a result of this triple-QC approach, but of course this can be a laborsome process and one that is prone to hiccups.


In view of these mounting challenges we are facing, we will be trialing the introduction of a new shipping schedule with 2-monthly windows for shipping, so that members always know what they should expect. This should chunk our distribution down, and allow the team to better plan from the order process with each Brand, through to shipment-in, QC, and distribution-out. It won’t fix the global logistics delays which are beyond our control, but it trustfully will improve batch shipping for us and get members tracking sooner. Please understand almost all of the issues with shipping delays have been one or multiple factors detailed above. We WANT to get your watches out faster, and this new method will hopefully achieve this.

As a beta test in September we will be operating 2 shipping windows, as follows:

  • Window 1 – 10th-13th of the month

  • Window 2 – 28th-30th of the month


This is a trial, so please bear with us, there may very well be hiccups as with all trials, but our ultimate goal is long-term improvements and refinements. The support team has been absolutely slammed with “where is my order questions” through our COVID-induced shut down and as we work through the backlog created by that, please be patient (we know, it’s HARD with watches, we feel you!) and allow our team the time to process incoming orders, accessories, and hand-package everything for outgoing distribution, in the sequence they arrived; your watch WILL arrive and it WILL be amazing.



Celebration. Gifts on the floor

Please also bear in mind that, with ALL shipments, both store and subscription, given the world-beating deals we offer (fact 🙂), the nature of our pre-order and custom bundle configuration, and the fact that much of what we do is hand-curated, hand-wrapped bundles, please note we run in general on a 28-day average shipping schedule.

This can extend longer, or equally can be as little as 3-7 days if items are already in stock at our offices, depending on the above factors. If your shipment is approaching 45 days or longer, please reach out as this can sometimes be a system issue (one that the new systems will eradicate!), otherwise, it is in schedule and will be processed, bundled, wrapped and shipped in due course and you will be notified as soon as it ships via email. Please do not block up our support team if the shipment is not outside a 45 day window. If this isn’t agreeable to you, we totally understand.


We firmly believe these pivots to our process will greatly refine the experience of Timepiece Monthly for all members across the board and allow more people to get amazing watches in their hands and on their wrists, in more enjoyable, experiential ways than ever before experienced in this community.

Thanks for being the greatest part of TPM; the community!



What’s New at Timepiece Monthly? Summer 2021 Update!

What’s New at Timepiece Monthly? Summer 2021 Update!

Summer is in full swing and at Timepiece Monthly we are taking no prisoners with our approach to refining the best, most experiential mystery watch club offering on the planet.

We wanted to offer a quick insight into the latest refinements that have launched in the last few weeks (and those that are coming).

First, our Mystery Box Bundle Plans have expanded from 3 to… 11. Yes ELEVEN.


As you may be aware, for the majority of the past 12 months we have operated with a 3-plan roster. While we briefly introduced 2 new plans (Nato at $149 and Crystal at $479) in Summer 2020, we found these plans to be confusing for members (too much choice, based on feedback at the time) and somewhat difficult to provide new and exciting watches for on a consistent basis, at that time. So we reverted in August 2020 to our mainstay plans, Crown ($229), Bezel ($349) and Sapphire ($599), which were by far our most popular offerings. In addition, with the introduction of our accessory bundles in January 2021 we had to move the price of each of those up by $10, $20 and $30 respectively.

The great news is that as of July 2021, as we continue negotiating better deals for our members with our Brand partners, we have been able to drop the prices of those plans back down to their original prices (which did not come with bundled accessories, originally, either, but now do), so the value is even greater than ever before.

In addition, we have reintroduced Nato and Crystal Plans which sit beautifully in between the others, so our mystery watch plans now are:

NATO ($149)

CROWN ($229)

BEZEL ($349)

CRYSTAL ($479)



This creates an even higher value at the entry level Nato Plan and allows members to better select the watch plans that suit their current collecting experience and budget, best.


Now, you may be asking, “I thought you said there were 11 plans!? That’s 6!?”

And you would be correct. In our constant research of our membership and those in our 10,000 strong community, we discovered a few “desires” that became frequent requests. First was that we should have more plans, and the second was that members would welcome MULTI-WATCH plans!! This, as you’ll be aware, is another in a long line of features that no other watch club on the planet has even attempted… and we LOVE doing the things that others cannot or won’t, for our members. So, with that in mind, we have introduced the following “MAXI BUNDLE” plans for you, with EVEN MORE SAVINGS… (also make sure to read on below the plan details, for our new “Plan Finder”)


NATO / CROWN MAXI BUNDLE ($349) – Save an extra $39

1 x Nato Level Watch

1 x Crown Level Watch

2-3 Bundled Accessories

MSRP $525+

Hand-curated bundle

Matched to your style profile

Only genuine Brands




CROWN / BEZEL MAXI BUNDLE ($539) – Save an extra $39

1 x Crown Level Watch

1 x Bezel Level Watch

3-4 Bundled Accessories

MSRP $799+

Hand-curated bundle

Matched to your style profile

Only genuine Brands




BEZEL / CRYSTAL MAXI BUNDLE ($779) – Save an extra $49

1 x Crystal Level Watch

1 x Bezel Level Watch

4-5 Bundled Accessories

MSRP $1098+

Hand-curated bundle

Matched to your style profile

Only genuine Brands




BEZEL / SAPPHIRE MAXI BUNDLE ($879) – Save an extra $69

1 x Sapphire Level Watch

1 x Bezel Level Watch

4-5 Bundled Accessories

MSRP $1300+

Hand-curated bundle

Matched to your style profile

Only genuine Brands




SAPPHIRE / TOURBILLON MAXI BUNDLE ($1499) – Save an extra $199!

1 x Sapphire Level Watch

1 x Tourbillon Level Watch

5-6 Bundled Accessories

MSRP $2000+

Hand-curated bundle

Matched to your style profile

Only genuine Brands




Now here’s the kicker… we fully recognize that when 5 plans confused some members upon introduction in 2020, that 11 may totally blow your minds lol… so,  in the interests of making everything seamlessly intuitive and for you to easily find the absolute best plan for you, based on how you’d like to collect watches right now, we create our unique TPM PLAN FINDER!

This brand new, conditional logic process asks a few key questions of you, and presents you with only the plans that meet your unique collection desires, today.

The beauty of this is that now you can use the Plan Finder for your ideal plan, and then get access




Awesome company! I've dealt with numerous subscription companies including watch subscriptions. The people at Timepiece Monthly are unbelievable at what they do. They address every question or concern. I have not been disappointed in their products. Well worth the money. No hesitation in recommending someone to jump on board with them.

Jeffrey Coe


I have been a member of different subscription services. In the past I have been very disappointed in the watch selections that have been sent to me by those clubs. Not so with TPM. They seem to have their fingers on the pulse of watch lovers.

Charles Dirienzo


So for I"ve gotten 4 watches from TPM and have been MORE than happy. I've gotten 2 Ocean Crawler, 1 Delma, and 1 Zodiac. I pay for the higher tiers and for the top dollar I pay out, the products recieved have exceeded expectations.

Masada Sarid Ari


I have had several watches of TPM now and every single one of them has been excellent. They couldn’t have managed my styling any better. I have spoken to Anthony & Alex several times and they are always quick to respond and always helpful, I’ve even asked for opinions on watches they don’t send out and have had excellent reviews off them both... they do know what they are on about!

Rob Nelson


I have been a member of Timepiece Monthly for over a year and in that time I have experienced nothing but outstanding service from them. I am currently recieve monthly and quarterly pieces from their plans and everything has been nothing but superb.

My hat goes off to Alex and Anthony and everyone at TPM for creating a very positive and satisfactory experience across their plans, services and customer service. Keep up the good work.

Derek Watanabe


This service and its owners are nothing short of incredible!!! They bend over backwards to help you and often times go well beyond what one would expect to surprise even the most avid and picky watch enthusiast! I take no pause at excitedly and wholeheartedly recommend this company and invite you to see for yourself what an amazing watch service can do for you! You will not be disappointed I promise you that! They even have a concierge service that gets you the best price on a new luxury piece! But what makes these guys special is their genuine care for you as the customer and in turn the individual relationships they build with their customers! Brilliant!!!

Mark Crowe


Great experience with TPM. Fantastic watches, amazing customer service. I can't say enough good things about them. I've received a Ginault a Zodiac, several Meccaniche Veneziane's and all have been tremendous!

Richard Tarangelo


I have been on a few different monthly watch subscription service companies but I have cancelled all and only use TimePiece Monthly. Absolutely outstanding customer service and the quality of watches I have received have been excellent. The owners, Alex and Anthony, are constantly in communication with the group and are very engaging and are always updating members with exciting new things they have for our subscriptions. They also offer a Concierge service to help members get very high quality watches, like the Omega I purchased, at a good discount off retail pricing. If you’re looking for an exciting watch subscription company this is definitely the one to choose over all others. Keep up the great work guys and keep sending us the high quality name brand watches.

Pete Lahaye


Love this service! Never disappoints and the customer relationships they build are top notch. It’s cool to have direct access to the owner and be able to chat casually about anything! I’ll be subscribing for a long time coming.

Nick Amato


TPM is simply the best watch service you can get. I get their mystery box at the crown level, and the brands are legitimate and exciting, including Alpina, Seiko, Heitis, Sangamon, Nethuns, and so many more! A great blend of established and legitimate microbrands, no factory brands or commissioned pieces here, unlike the others. But it is so much more. The hand-curated boxes with many extras, the freedom wallet to save toward a high end watch, the store with great prices, and of course the concierge service. Mystery services aren't for everyone, and they get that. But if you want a mystery service, you want this one!

Eric Sutton


Even though I started my relationship with Timepiece Monthly as a subscription service now it’s gone on to so much more.

From flash sales, auctions, store and trading platform TPM excels at all they do! Throw in incredible customer service from Alex and Anthony and you have a tremendous company and resource. No better group to be a part of!!

John Denison


What’s New at Timepiece Monthly? Summer 2021 Update!


At Timepiece Monthly, we pride ourselves on creating an experience for members, and this Summer is going to be filled with improvements and refinements across the board. The first announcement of the Summer is an update and launch of many new plans. In listening to our members’ feedback we’ve set about creating a new menu of Mystery watch plans to speak to their desires. Lower prices, new plan options and multiple-watch bundle plans are now available. What does this all mean!?


Due to a number of requests, we went hard to work on our mystery watch bundle plans. Instead of 3 main plans (Crown, Bezel, Sapphire), we have introduced the following to really speak to the breadth of experience and diversity that members told us they wanted to see… we also adjusted pricing on our original plans to offer even greater value!


✅ NATO – $149 (Bundle MSRP $240+)

✅ CROWN – $229 (Bundle MSRP $325+)

✅ BEZEL – $349 (Bundle MSRP $530+)

✅ CRYSTAL – $479 (Bundle MSRP $675+)

✅ SAPPHIRE – $599 (Bundle MSRP $800+)

✅ TOURBILLON – $1099 (Bundle MSRP $1400+)

Mystery watch Club Plans Timepiece Monthly

Further to this, our feedback from our sample members told us they would like multiple-watch bundles and as always with TPM, you talk, we listen. We are delighted to announce new “MAXI BUNDLES” for your delectation!


⚡️NATO/CROWN MAXI – $349 (Save $215+ off MSRP)

⚡️CROWN/BEZEL MAXI – $539 (Save $315+ off MSRP)

⚡️BEZEL/CRYSTAL MAXI – $779 (Save $425+ off MSRP)

⚡️BEZEL/SAPPHIRE MAXI – $879 (Save $450-750 off MSRP)

⚡️SAPPHIRE/TOURBILLON – $1499 (Save $700-1000 off MSRP)


And another thing…


With the introduction of these new plans, we also wanted to make it even more intuitive for you to be able to choose the ideal plans for you, so we created the Plan Finder, which is a conditional logic process that takes into consideration your ideal collecting pace, style, budget and frequency, before presenting you with tailored plan options, just for you.

You just need to create a free account and then use this link at any time – https://www.timepiecemonthly.com/plan-finder





We have opened each plan up to 250 more members. ALL Mystery Watch Bundle Plans (Limited to the first 100 to add a plan) can get 20% OFF their first month with TPM using code “MYSTERY20” on checkout.

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