We wanted to get an update out to all of you asap, as we’ve been hard at work on new refinements for the community.


We have a BRAND NEW store launching today (4th July). The Store is a lot more expansive than the previous version with new stock, a ton of amazing Mystery watch bundles you won’t have seen before, and is open to all in the community (no need for a specific plan from TPM to use it any longer). Anyone can now get involved with Timepiece Monthly without a monthly commitment and is a feature we decided to pursue after receiving feedback from the community as to what they wanted to see.


Incentives are being restructured as well, so not only do you get the best deals on (predominantly microbrand) watches out there, but we have loyalty rewards for purchases on the following basis, which will replace the previous Freedom Wallet auto-incentives…

Spend $300 get $15 off with coupon SPEND300

Spend $500 or more and get $30 off with coupon SPEND500

Spend $1000 or more and get $70 off with coupon SPEND1000


This means that our Freedom Wallet loyalty rewards are no longer operational, but the savings can be superb with this new streamlined structure. We found the previous wallet incentives were confusing for members and programmatically very difficult to maintain, hence the new streamlined structure above. With launch we’ll be running some testing on the store, so bear with us while we refine performance and any bugs.

You can also use code “FREESHIP” for free shipping on spends over $1000.


Freedom Plan will still be available as a great way to squirrel away watch funds for when the right watch/bundle pops up in our store, but as above, the member incentives have been restructured in a simpler format, so they will no longer automatically apply to Freedom wallet. Freedom plan will re-launch and be available from Weds 7th July 2021.

To checkout using your existing Freedom Wallet funds, simply select the checkbox that states “Pay by Wallet” or “Use Freedom balance”, upon checkout (see below)

You can visit the new store here.