GOOD News! We have relaunched the mystery plans from as low as $69.99. This means members can now get watches like Ocean Crawlers, Alpina, Gruppo Gamma for as low as $449.65… Read on.

If you’ve experienced our mystery box watches before, you know a few key points that no other watch club offers >

✅ Only genuine brands (no popup/mushroom or made-for-us models)

✅ Genuine savings (avg 50% off MSRP)

✅ Member-centric focus

✅ Exclusive models not available elsewhere

✅ Always new models/brands

Max value


What you may not be aware of is that we (fairly silently) relaunched our mystery watch plans last week and they now work this way

ALL Plans are now quarterly ONLY in terms of shipment. This is what members wanted. Watches on quarterly payment (as low as $69.99) then ship after 3 x installments. Plans are now available also as one-time (or “One-Shot” as we call them), should you wish to test it out for a low price and make sure we deliver on all that is promised. Here are the new plans…

CROWN ($199 per quarter or $69.99 per month)

Lowest ever price (matching our Alpha price from 2020!)

Watches like those attached in the images below.


BEZEL ($299 per quarter or $99.99 per month) 

Lowest EVER price, period (even better than our Alpha plans!)

Watches like those attached in the image below…

SAPPHIRE ($529 per quarter or $179.99 per month)

Lowest EVER price, period (even better than our Alpha plans!)



SHIPPING, logistics and distribution. It’s been very very difficult throughout late 2021 and into 2022. It is improving bit by bit, seemingly, with more watch stock becoming available, produced and shipped. There are still delays in global logistics and customs however. We have experimented with a range of different options but have found the single ship window to work best. Therefore, moving forward our shipping window will become 1st through 5th of every month. No exceptions to this. This is a concerted effort to streamline operations as we got too busy with store orders flowing in from all over the globe and, frankly, with supply chain issues in full flow, our team could not keep up with the barrage of issues. We are now 95% through the backlog of orders and, with a new vision with the launch of the TPM Platform, we’re ready to get back to normal for our members-only.


Do note, the prices above are quite superb (as you can see), BUT you can get extra special discounts if you’re a paid member of the TPM platform. For example, a VIP member ($9.99 per month or $99 per year) gets 10% OFF the prices you see above. A VIP ELITE member ($19.99 per month or $199 per year) gets 15% OFF the prices you see above, along with anything in store!!

This is really incredible, but it’s a genuine effort from us to improve, add value and continue to become what we always committed to, a community-first experience.

As a quick math example, if you join VIP ELITE today at $19.99 per month, you can add a SAPPHIRE plan (e.g. Ocean Crawlers, Gruppo Gamma etc) for $529 – 15% = $449.65

Add to that, you get 15% OFF EVERY PURCHASE in store and quarterly watch swag worth $80 or so (e.g. branded straps, mugs, tools etc from your favorite Microbrands!) and… the VALUE is just incredible.

The choice is totally yours. You can join the platform from free, but if you’d like those amazing discounts, just upgrade into the paid plan of your choosing and avail of the discount. There are a range of other perks you can see here also, including the various discounts, access levels, and watch swag.

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