Timepiece Monthly Web Platform – Privacy Policy, Terms of Business and Usage



TPM guarantees a replacement mystery watch if TPM fails to deliver on a minimum of 75% of the choices in your style profiler and you actively request a replacement with our support team.  This is only applicable to members who have fully filled in their style profile.  This guarantee does NOT apply to those who have failed to, or partially filled in their style profile.

If the TPM style profiler is filled fully and TPM fails to deliver on at least 4 out of 5 criteria, and you are, as a result, dissatisfied with your watch, then a new Mystery watch will be sent as a replacement, which will be final (no further exchanges or replacements). Member pays for return shipping but replacement will be shipped Free of Charge.

If TPM delivers on at least 4 out of 5 style profile choices, and you are dissatisfied with your watch, the guarantee does not apply.

All TPM watch guarantees are dependent on receipt of the original watch back in TPM HQ, in pristine B.N.I.B condition with all plastics and protective materials intact.

This guarantee does not extend to bundled free accessories which we may include in some boxes, which are non-returnable, exchangeable or refundable. No refunds are available on our Mystery Bundle Plans.



Timepiece Monthly (TPM) Gifting General Terms

All Timepiece Monthly Gift Vouchers & Gift membership Purchases are non-refundable. Neither can be transferred or equate to a cash value. In some instances the TPM team reserves the right to rebate Gift Memberships as Freedom Wallet funds.


Timepiece Monthly Store & Plan General Terms

All deals and sales are FINAL.  There are no replacements or returns for refunds, as most of our watches are custom ordered for the member.   Any QC issue will be dealt with directly with the microbrand/manufacturer in question, and a replacement or repair instigated direct with said manufacturer. No Refunds are permitted due to the custom order nature of our business.

STORE Mystery Boxes at LEVEL 4 (e.g. “Prestige” bundles and above) may include a higher level watch which may not be BNIB, but rather in an excellent, TPM-approved condition.  We reserve the right also to offer watches that are factory or manufacturer refurbished, come with a limited or no warranty, should we deem the value to be optimal.

The nature of the deals we negotiate for our members means that delivery may take up to 40-60 days (particularly on pre-sale or special order items).

Delivery of items cannot be guaranteed for specific dates such as Christmas. While many items will ship within 48-72hrs, some extended delays may occur, especially on Back-order items (these will be noted prior to order), drop-ship items and custom orders. The majority of all orders will be delivered within 14-21 days. We do not hold responsibility for any shipping delays caused by individual couriers/carriers, or for international shipments, customs/import, nor any duties incurred by such. COVID-19 may result in longdelays in shipping and delivery and TPM hold no responsibility for same. 


The Timepiece Monthly web platform is here for you, our members.


Timepiece Monthly (TPM) welcomes you.

Timepiece Monthly TM, Timepiece Monthly Inc. are the developers and operator of the online platform www.timepiecemonthly.com. (The site) 

We would ask all our members and all who visit this site to read these terms of use which create a legally binding agreement for your usage of our site and product/features therein.



The website is the property of TPM. We take the privacy of our visitors and members seriously and therefore set out the following Privacy policy and cookie usage on the Site.

The information we gather relating to you is used primarily in order for us to provide services to you. We may also use your information to:

  1. Notify you of changes, new launches or offers.
  2. To meet our agreements and services to you
  3. To contact you regarding improvements or changes to our service.
  4. Notify you of interruptions to our site e.g. during updates or server issues.


Please note we do not pass on your details to ANY third party without your express consent and then only if in connection with a service that TPM has agreed to provide for you.

We may use statistical data to analyze regarding web traffic or membership numbers, but these will be statistical data as a group and not individual.


  1. Use of Cookies


  • On occasion, we may gather information about your computer for our services, and to provide statistical information regarding the use of our Website to third parties. Such information will not identify you personally, it is statistical data about our visitors and their use of our site. This statistical data does not identify any personal details whatsoever. It is used by us to analyze how visitors interact with the Website so that we can continue to develop and improve this Website.


2.2            We may gather information about your Internet use by using a cookie file that is downloaded to your computer. Where used, these cookies are downloaded to your computer automatically. This cookie file is stored on the hard drive of your computer as cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer’s hard drive. They help us to improve our Website and the service that we provide to you. All computers have the ability to decline cookies. This can be done by activating the setting on your browser which enables you to decline the cookies. Please note that should you choose to decline cookies, you may be unable to access our Website.


  1. Disclosing your information

Where applicable, we may disclose your personal information to any member of our group. This includes, where applicable, our subsidiaries, our holding company and its other subsidiaries.

  1. We may also disclose your personal information to third parties:
  2. Where we sell any or all of our business and/or our assets to a third party.
  3. Where we are legally required to disclose your information.
  4. To assist fraud protection and minimize credit risk.


3.1 Third party links

You might find links to third party websites on our Website. These websites should have their own privacy policies which you should check. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for their policies whatsoever as we have no control over them.

  1. Access to information




  • For any individuals using the Site that reside in the European Union, your privacy and access rights are different than the rest of the world and are governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). If you reside in the European Union, you may choose to not consent to TPM ‘s use of your Personal Information, including name, address, contact information, and billing information.
  • You may also opt out of use of cookies on your computer through our Site. You also have the option to require us to delete all of your Personal Information upon request. TPM encrypts your Personal Information both internally and when it is transmitted.
  • TPM collects your data through its Affiliates when you visit the Site. TPM stores your Personal Information on its local encrypted network. The data is used to understand your preferences in shopping on our Site. Your Personal Information is not sold to any third party without your express consent. As detailed this Privacy Policy, unless you specifically consent to the disclosure of your Personal Information, only we and our Affiliates shall have access to your Personal Information.
  • Your use of the Site constitutes your affirmative acceptance to TPM’s use, collection of, storage, and submission of your Personal Information. Furthermore, your use of the Site constitutes your acknowledgement and agreement that TPM’s use of your information is as stated above and your privacy is of utmost priority and the collection of, storage, and submission of your Personal Information is reasonable and necessary.


Protecting your Information

We are committed to protecting your Personal Information. However, TPM is not liable for disclosures of your Personal Information due to errors in transmission or unauthorized acts of third parties. We have undertaken commercially reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorized Internet access to visitor data retained in our servers, however, due to the inherent open nature of the Internet, TPM cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us or any information provided online, and you do so at your own risk.

Users of the Site accept all risks associated with any data transmission, including the risk that their Personal Information may be intercepted in transit. The Site encrypts your credit card number and other Personal Information using secure socket layer (SSL) technology to provide for the secure transmission of the information from your computer or device to our servers. Only those TPM employees and third parties who need access to your information in order to perform their duties are allowed such access.


Timepiece Monthly Web Platform – Terms of Business and Usage



These terms include all content on our platform, including all information posted by TPM, all videos, software, written posts and feedback and all graphics and photographs.  All features available on the platform which is provided for our members for use.


  1. TPM License 

Upon accepting these terms TPM grant you exclusive access to the site and its features on a non-exclusive basis, solely for the use of the services.  Copying or modifying or distributing its contents without the direct permission of TPM is prohibited.  Any and all comments, communications or posts that are put on the site are the responsibility of the person posting, and the consequences of said communications.


Upon entering and using the site and becoming a TPM member you declare that you are at least 18 years of age. You acknowledge these terms, rules policies and the procedures listed on the site by TPM, and further, agreement to TPM’s Privacy policy which is listed in these terms.


6 . Member Registrations


6.1            To sign up for all future registrations, and become a TPM member, we will ask you for specific information.  You declare that all information is true and correct at the time of writing, including style preferences which will influence the watches you may receive if you sign up to a subscription tier plan. (Sub tier)


6.2           Membership fees (monthly and yearly access plans) to our membership platform (trading platform, auctions, store, member forums and member content, are non refundable. All paid memberships offer a free 7 day trial during which the member may cancel without penalty. 


6.3            Your registration username and password are your private information and is not to be distributed to others to allow third party access into the site and may not include anything that might be construed as offensive or vulgar. TPM’s decision on username is final and non-negotiable if considered offensive or vulgar. The impersonation of another or false name and/or Email is also strictly prohibited.


7 .             Conduct


You agree not to:

7.1            Interfere in any way with the TPM site, or to gain unauthorized access, to hack the site or to gain access to any other computer network or system.

7.2            Use data mining techniques, programs, reproduce content, interfere with another’s use of the site, or bypass site security.

7.3            Communicate or post or transmit any content or material that infringes on TPM’s intellectual property.

7.4            Post untruths, inaccurate information or content that is not your own.

7.5            Interfere or affect the privacy of another person, company/entity.

7.6            TPM reserves the right to monitor all of the above conduct rules in order to maintain and preserve its content.  Any infringement that TPM believes infringes on these rules will or may result in the expulsion of the member and further action. And TPM Also maintains and preserves content in order to comply with any law enforcement, government request or to remedy issues pertaining to fraud, technical issues and/or to protect the rights, intellectual property of TPM, the site and the members.

7.8            TPM also reserves the right to change content on the Site, and cannot guarantee that any particular content will remain or continue to be available. The right to edit, change modify is at the absolute discretion of TPM and any changes can be for any reason and without notice to you the member.


8 . Membership Billing, Transactions and Sign Up

8.1            All information gathered during sign up process will include certain types of information to be given. Including but not limited to Credit card information, names and address, and shipping information as well as Style Profiling information. By subscribing to TPM, you the member declare that you have the legal right to use the payment method stated and that you give TPM permission to provide these details if necessary to third parties in order to complete your transaction. 

8.2            TPM transactions include recurring billing and/or ad-hoc payments.  For all of these payments, TPM uses a third party processing facility to enable the billing to proceed effectively, securely and seamlessly.

8.3            TPM is not responsible for errors made by the processing company used.

You, the member authorize TPM to pay any and all charges incurred by you to complete all transactions on the site at the cost specified when the transaction occurred.

If TPM does not receive payment for any paid service transaction due to any circumstance with the members credit card or other payment method, the member agrees to pay TPM all amounts due for said paid service.


8.4            TPM reserve the right to cancel any member’s plan for breach of terms of use and conduct, including bullying, offensive behavior, inappropriate images, or general rudeness as deemed by the administration team and ownership.


  1. Subscription , tiers and other Paid services.

All Subscription services on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis will be billed at the outset, and recurring charges will be paid at the period selected thereafter. You the member agree that following your initial charge, you will be billed on a recurring basis in line with your Sub Tier period choice.

Your payment method will automatically be charged on a recurring basis unless we receive a cancellation email, before the billing process begins.  If a billing process has begun, the subscription period will be charged, and the member will receive the benefits of membership until the end of that last sub period before cancellation, either through receipt of the watch subscription, or credit in their TPM freedom plan Account.


9.1    Watches on Mystery Plans

Watches on all of our mystery watch plans will be of as-new quality or in rare exceptions, excellent quality. An example of this may be A Tourbillon Plan watch (avg price $1049-1099) where we get a watch with a substantially higher-than-normal MSRP for this plan, in excellent condition, and send this as the mystery watch. We inspect all watches, so they should be in minimum excellent 9/10 condition. On occasion, on these higher plans, they may be used/excellent, factory-refurbished or Brand New. 


9.1.1 The Freedom Plan 

The Freedom Plan is a digital wallet facility for you, our members to add to your TPM (digital) wallet account on a consistent monthly or quarterly basis.  Please note, Freedom funds are non-refundable,  non-transferable, non-redeemable for cash, and can be used only to purchase watches, special TPM mystery watch boxes, TPM store watch merchandise or other Store-based goods from the TPM Store (excludes Branded Accessories) – Wallet funds expire after 2 years of non-usage after the purchase date. The Freedom Plan offers access to our Loyalty Rewards Program and as such, any request to close your account or cancel the Freedom Plan subscription will result in voiding any and all Loyalty Rewards already applied to your Freedom Wallet. Upon cancellation of account, your wallet will be reset to zero and your account deleted. By contrast, upon canceling your Freedom plan, the wallet funds will be available for use in the TPM Store, but are not redeemable for cash or refundable.


  1. Platform Access and Subscription.

10.1         The TPM platform has full accessibility to all members who are currently on an active / live free or paid subscription. It also has full accessibility to all members who use the ‘Freedom Plan‘ ad hoc TPM account for purchases e.g. ‘TPM Mystery box’ or from the TPM store as stated above.

Credit held by a member on the platform in their own account cannot be cashed out in any circumstance, but can be used only to purchase any of the products or services that TPM provide. 

10.2         If a member cancels their tier plan, and does not have or does not operate an active Freedom Plan account, then Full access to the TPM site will be revoked immediately.

10.3         Watches sent out via the tiers, mystery boxes or through the TPM Concierge Service are all final sale, with no refunds, returns or exchanges. In the event that TPM feels that a refund is warranted in exceptional circumstances, then said refund will take the form of credit in the members TPM account and is NON transferable outside the TPM platform. Cash refunds are not permitted.


10.4       Timepiece Monthly, its companies or staff take no responsibility for the buy, trade, sell process on our site including communication between parties. Furthermore any disputes between parties using our platform is the responsibility of said parties. Lost or damaged shipping is not the responsibility of TPM. Please enjoy our platform and good luck with your Trades and Sales.


11  Taxes


11.1         Your total membership price will include any relevant applicable taxes that are to be paid in the purchase of your watch tier choice.  Outside of the US, Region, Country, State and Local taxes, along with any import or processing fees, are added by your local authorities and Timepiece Monthly Inc are not liable for any such fees. You must pay these fees in order to receive the watch. 

11.2         TPM will only charge tax in regions, countries and states where goods sold over the internet are taxable.

11.3         For US subscribers this includes state tax. For any members outside the Continental US, shipments will be sent tax-free and the member is liable for any import fees, processing fees or local tax applied by their governing authorities. TPM holds no responsibilities or liability for these fees.


  1. Disclaimers and Disputes 

12.1         TPM makes no warranties of any kind for any links or sites that you may be directed to or click into from the TPM site.  TPM also makes no warranties as to the accuracy or information provided by said sites outside the TPM platform.

12.2         The use of the TPM site is solely the responsibility of you, the user. TPM further does not warrant that the functionality of the TPM site will be error free or indeed uninterrupted, that the information contained on the site is reliable or accurate at any time, or that the user could succumb to viruses or other harmful effects upon using the TPM site.


  1. Indemnification

13.1         You , the member or User of Timepiece Monthly (TPM) and its site, agree to indemnify and hold without harm TPM, all and any subsidiaries, staff, employees, directors, agents and affiliates from any and all claims, liabilities damages and costs including defense costs, attorney/solicitor fees arising or related to your use of the TPM site.  This also includes your violation of these terms or the TPM privacy policy or any defamatory or vulgar content posted to the site by you.  Also included is violation of any law or the rights of a third party.


13.2         TPM will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or any other damages including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of data or any other loss arising from the use of the Site, except in the case of willful and reckless misconduct on the part of TPM. This remains the case even if TPM has been advised or should have known of such damages or consequences.

Under no circumstances will TPM, its staff, directors, affiliates agents or officers liability to you the user be greater than the amount you paid to TPM in connection with the event giving rise to such liability.

13.3         You also agree and acknowledge that the preceding text applies to all content, paid for services, tier sub plans, freedom plan, all access plan, TPM store and mystery watch boxes available through the TPM site.

13.4         The above also applies to shipping losses for merchandise that a third party courier or postal service incurs. Once TPM has safely delivered any merchandise to the carrier, TPM ‘s responsibility ceases. 

13.5         You and TPM agree that regardless of any statute or law to the contrary, any claim or cause of action arising out of, related to or connected with the use of the Site or these terms of Business and usage must be filed within 1 year after such claim of action arose or be forever banned.

13.6         You and TPM may only bring claims against the other in your or its individual capacity, and not as plaintiff or class member in any purported class or representative proceeding. Further, unless agreed by you and TPM, the arbitrator may not consolidate more than one person’s claim together with your claim, and may not preside over any form of representative or class proceedings.

14  Contact

TPM can be contacted on info@timepiecemonthly.com and by registering a free account, filling out your Style Profiler, you expressly request to receive information via any method we choose, not limited to email, text or phone.  You may opt out by emailing TPM and notifying of your request to stop information sharing.  You cannot opt out of communications that are deemed reasonably necessary to the services TPM offers. E.g. subscription or billing issues.



TPM Store shipping : TPM will aim to ship your Store purchase within 30 days. Shipping speed will depend on a) Stock at hand b) Stock needing to be ordered c) Drop shipping direct from supplier. TPM cannot and does not take responsibility for extended shipping times in drop shipping scenarios – the deals we negotiate for our members mean they are often the lowest prices available online, anywhere, and as such lead times may be longer, especially in instances where we have units individually built by Brands for shipment.


16) “Freedom Plan”, “Freedom Wallet” and “My TPM Account”

The Freedom Plan is YOUR personal TPM pre-paid digital wallet to buy fabulous watches and goods from the TPM STORE  and your TPM Account allows you access to really cool, useful stuff — horology-related and relevant to YOU!

From Your TPM Account Dashboard you can:

  • Engage with our TPM Community with other watch enthusiasts
  • Find your community friends who are already using TPM.
  • Check your Freedom Plan Wallet (see below)
  • Check to see & manage your current subscriptions.
  • Choose watches in our store, as well as loads of other cool watch related goods.
  • List, manage and run auctions
  • Manage your individual Style Profiler
  • Buy/Sell/Trade watches with other TPM members


PLUS we’ll post other personal recommendations, exclusives, alerts and invitations in the community that will not be available to those who are not members.

You can access your personal Freedom Plan page from within the TPM dashboard. 

PLUS you can check: 

  • Previous subscriptions
  • Freedom plan amounts paid into your wallet and purchase history


All you need to do is use the drop-down menu at the top of your ‘Account’ page.


Timepiece Monthly (TPM) Freedom Plan/ Terms.

  1. By subscribing to the Freedom Plan you’ll be supporting worldwide watch and accessory microbrands, watch related product suppliers and craftsmen and women.
  2. You can utilize the Freedom Plan feature by agreeing to save at least $49 into your wallet towards your next TPM store purchase. The amounts paid into your Freedom Plan are yours to spend on any stock available in the TPM store, whenever you choose. You are not required to purchase anything in any given month, and you can let your payments accrue until you want to redeem and purchase a watch or watches or indeed anything else in the TPM store.
  3. In return for your support of TPM, the watch Brands we partner with and the Freedom Plan, you get preferential pricing up to 70% off of retail online prices every time you order (i.e. you pay the Freedom Plan Price in the TPM Store, rather than the retail prices, or even “best available prices” on manufacturers’ websites.
  4. NOTE: Your first payment will be transferred from your registered credit /debit card, or Paypal account when you start your Freedom Plan and monthly/quarterly payments will be transferred from your registered credit or debit card on or around that date each month (allowing for weekends and public Holidays.
  5. If you place an order that totals more than the balance in your Freedom Wallet, then we will charge your registered debit/credit card for the balance, or your Paypal account, at your preference.
  6. There is no obligation to purchase at a particular time whatsoever. You decide when you want to order and what you want to order.
  7. Promotions, including TPM Freedom Vouchers and TPM Referral Vouchers, are only redeemable in the TPM store and will be added to your wallet for redemption, exclusively.
  8. Freedom Plan payments may not be used to fund the TPM Subscription Tiers (Nato, Crown, Bezel, Crystal, Sapphire or Tourbillon, or any of our multi-watch “maxi Plans”).
  9. Freedom Plan/Freedom Wallet payments are non refundable after they are added to the Freedom Wallet.
  10. Freedom Wallet funds are not redeemable for cash, they can only be used in the TPM Store.
  11. Your participation as a Freedom Plan and Freedom Wallet holder entitles you only to the benefits listed in these Terms and Conditions.
  12. Every member automatically receives a Freedom Wallet. It is at the member’s discretion whether they utilize the feature.
  13. You can cancel your Freedom Plan at any time by visiting the TPM Account section. Any Timepiecemonthly.com promotions, discounts or vouchers are single use only and are not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or voucher, unless otherwise stated.



We do not offer refunds on any items in our store or mystery watch selections unless they are a special order we cannot fulfill for reasons beyond our control (e.g. supply chain issues, stock being sold elsewhere etc). No refunds are offered on Freedom Wallet funds via Freedom Plan, nor for store purchases delivered or Mystery plan subscriptions, after 24hrs from date of subscription/payment. Refunds can take up to 72hrs for our team to process from date of request (if approved) and please allow 3-5 days for your bank to register funds.


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