As many of you will know, we’ve been hard at work on the new TPM Platform for the last number of months. As we approach the launch of the new platform in mid February 2022, we wanted to get you the latest information on what it will feature, what it fixes and what it means, specifically for the TPM Watch Exchange trading group on Facebook where all trading has been hosted since late 2020, as well as the Store.

Please read on for very important information on Membership Levels, Pricing, Impact on Trading Groups and Member Features…

…Firstly, the platform will feature a range of areas exclusively for our members, including:


  • CUSTOM WATCH TRADING PLATFORM – Buy/Sell/Trade, filter & search functions

  • AUCTIONS – We will run numerous auctions on the site and members too can list timepieces for auction

  • FORUMS – Watch discussion forums where members can create new topic threads, engage with others within the community and get access to our latest deals/coupons and TPM exclusives

  • CONTENT – Exclusive watch reviews, unboxings, tutorials and deep-dives

  • MEMBERS STORE – The Store will move back to being for members only to improve service and logistics



We’ll have a range of membership options available from $FREE to get access to various areas of the platform, and also for member-exclusive perks and unique discount codes.

  1. FREE MEMBERSHIP – $FREE – Grants access to the store, content, trading platform (buy only) and forums.

  2. CHOICE MEMBERSHIP – $4.99 per month / $49 per year – Grants access to all in FREE, plus access to listing in the Trading platform (i.e. sell & buy vs. buy only), auctions (list for small % commission) and a lifetime 5% off all products in store, or our mystery watch plans. Avg membership value per year $110+ minimum saving.

  3. VIP MEMBERSHIP $9.99 per month / $99 per year – Grants access to all in PREMIUM plus lifetime 10% discounts of all products in store and mystery watch plans, 24hr early access to exclusives, LE’s, SE’s, pre-sale items and prototypes. Avg value per year $220+ minimum saving.

  4. VIP ELITE MEMBERSHIP – $19.99 per month / $199 per year – Access all areas, 15% lifetime discount off all products in store and mystery plans, FREE quarterly swag shipments (e.g. straps, watch-branded accessories and goods, tools), no-fee auctions, 72hr early access to exclusives, LE’s, SE’s, pre-sale items and prototypes. Avg value per year $700+ minimum saving.



Having experienced a lot of logistics issues over the last 12-18 months we have made the decision to streamline the store significantly and revert it to members only, the former of which which has already been actioned. This will mean all our best-selling brands like Ocean X, Venezianico, Ocean Crawler etc will continue in store consistently, but we will take a different approach with many other Brands by offering a Drop-style sale process, starting in late March 2022.

This means that the Store will operate limited time/number deals for members on specific models for a short period of time (e.g. 1-3 days only), after which they will go away.

Our goal with this is that fan-favorites will be on swifter shipping schedules as a result, and the Drop Ship items will be fulfilled within 14-28 days max by the Brands in question directly, in the understanding that they are superior deals that cannot be got anywhere else.

We’ve been disappointed with our ability to keep up with logistics and this has been greatly impacted by larger volume store sales married with the ongoing supply chain issues that have been experienced in just about every industry, globally. Our goal by streamlining the store is to get a jump on improving these issues and in time trustfully the supply chain bottlenecks will improve.



A number of you will be aware that we had a software breakdown within the Freedom Wallet in Summer 2021, whereby wallet funds were logging in the main site, but not relaying over to the Store. This occurred a number of months after we launched the new store and was identified in Fall 2021. We’ve worked at fixing the relay but due to changes in theb software capabilities it is not patchable unfortunately, so we pulled the Freedom Plan some months ago.

The Freedom Plan/Wallet however will relaunch on the Store in late Feb 2022, thus removing the need for relay between main site and new Store site and thereby fixing the issue. As of that time, you will be able to re-subscribe to Freedom Plan and continue to use the funds as you used to. Current member wallets will not be affected.



This will not impact existing members at all. If you already are one of the 3000+ members registered on the Timepiece Monthly website or Store, your account will automatically become a FREE membership account where you can access the Store, Forums, Trading Platform (Buy) and member-exclusive content (e.g. Watch unboxings, reviews, deep dives, Brand interviews etc). You can choose to upgrade to any of the premium plans starting with a 7-day free trial to access those member perks, at any time within your dashboard, but there is no obligation to do so.


As of launch day for the TPM Trading Platform, all trading will cease on the dedicated Facebook Groups including TPM Watch Exchange, TPM UK & EU Watch Exchange, TPM Canada Watch Exchange and TPM Oceania Watch Exchange. We appreciate this will come as a big change for members, but as the group has grown we have discovered many issues with using Facebook as a trading group, not least being poor visibility of sales posts for our members, lack of ability to filter for watches you may desire and a cumbersome membership platform that is very limited in scope. Our custom platform is something we have invested heavily in to reduce the member frustration we have seen experienced by members of the Facebook Trading Groups. This launch creates a totally watch-centric list of functions and features that speak to watch enthusiasts, traders. It will continue to refine after launch.

The platform will offer a greater User Experience and allow members to engage in ways that best suit them (e.g. if you don’t enjoy selling watches, a FREE membership is perfect, whereas if you’re all about auctions and swag, the VIP ELITE membership is going to save you a ton of money each year in your watch collecting journey).


We hope that these new memberships and systems once again improve the member experience with TPM, making our platform a true community-first membership platform, and the streamlining of many of the systems will offer much greater stability and User Interface across the TPM platform, than ever before. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on our Messenger system on the website and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Keep in touch as we approach launch of the platform a little later in February 2022

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