QUESTION – What is the “Freedom Plan” and How Does it Differ From Your Subscription Watch Plans?

The Freedom Plan is a concept we’re incredibly proud of and is COMPLETELY unique in the community. The whole idea behind it is to enhance the inclusion for all members and provide ultimate flexibility to effectively create a watch savings fund within our platform, from which members can redeem their balance for a specific watch in our store, or a mystery box at a specific value, at a Time of their choosing.

Our fixed price sub tiers are $199, 349, 549 and while these have been a massive hit with members, and offer phenomenal brackets for the level of watches we provide (saving a great deal from MSRP), this method of watch purchase is simply not for everyone, and we recognize that.

From inception we put in place a plan of action to offer ultimate flexibility for members by creating a plan for all… The Freedom Plan.

This utilizes the concept that we, as avid watch enthusiasts, often either want a very specific watch, or to be surprised, and sometimes both at the same time, haha.

With the Freedom Plan, members can upload funds to their TPM account on a scheduled monthly or quarterly basis, or indeed, whenever they wish… Or, they can use a mix of TPM loaded funds and credit/debit cards, Paypal and a variety of other well known payment systems, to purchase watches in the TPM store.

To add to the fun, for those that do enjoy a surprise, we will have a TON of hand-curated Mystery boxes. These will be along the lines of dress, dive or curious watch in a mystery box from $140 to $800 or so.

What Does a “Mystery Box” Include?

Well, it’s a surprise 😃. However, these hand-curated packages will include a range of amazing timepieces, custom straps, polishing kits, wallets and other amazing items and the TPM Mystery boxes are designed to hit the perfect balance of value, quality and delight.


When Does Freedom Plan Launch?

By its’ nature, our Freedom Plan relies on the Store to exist. Therefore, we will be launching the Freedom Plan alongside our TPM store on the website in early July 2020, in addition to some other key features such as our referral/affiliate program. Our developers are hard at work and close to completion on this beautiful addition for our members. We are so excited to welcome these new additions and hope you are too 🙂